The Art of Being Hurt

This is my life.
I went through this a couple years back and I wanted to write about it.

*I edited some things to protect the identities of people within this*


9. Meeting the new fiance


Lindsay was one of the most irritating people I have ever met in my life.


She was arrogant, rude and above all she treated me like I was a child, which when you get to be my age is really insulting. She treated me like I was stupid or like I didn't understand her because she was so much better than me and do you know what made it worse?

She was encouraged by my own brother.

I don't know if any of you reading this understand what it is like to be undermined as a human being or being treated like you are really thick or just being treated like dirt. Have you ever been treated like this from a family member? Because I have and let me tell you, out of the entire situation from Bryce I have never ever felt like I was worth nothing to anybody as much as I had then.

I felt sick and ill all the time and it may sound like an exaggeration but just imagine waking up everyday and having to deal with people putting you down constantly.

It's the worse feeling in the world.



Lindsay started it of course.

You see Lindsay doesn't talk normally, she basically mumbles and whispers and she had this annoying habit of interrupting me constantly. Now I bet you are all saying 'But Kaitlin, how can she interrupt you if she's speaking quietly'. Let me tell you how.

I noticed it at first when I was telling Bryce about the grades that I had got in my Highers last year and Lindsay interrupted me and starts talking about something completely irrelevant to the topic that we were discussing. Now, I don't know if any of you have ever been interrupted by someone who mumbles but let me tell you... It is so much worse than somebody who is loud and obnoxious. This due to the fact that her voice stays at the same pitch and you have no idea what she was saying any of the time.

But this time I did.

She was talking about my grades and I bet you can guess the rest.


Now I know I'm not stupid, I know because I have my grades to prove it. But she made me doubt myself and let me tell you, I am NOT okay with that. She made me feel so small and insignificant because I apparently do not live up to her standards as a human being.

She then proceeds to go on and on about the money that she makes and how my brother is a waste of space -which I agree with, but I'm related to him so I'm allowed to say that.

This has been going on ever since, you do the maths.


Nobody stuck up for me.

Nobody tells me otherwise.

Nobody believes in what I can do.


I am not looking for sympathy here at all, don't think that. But I am here to give a message to all of the people like Lindsay and Bryce who apparently have a degree in being smart; if you push a person to far, they will snap or make a judgement or decision based on what you are saying and you will regret it. Is it really necessary to bring other people down to make yourself feel better? Because that is exactly what is happening to me.

And I have had enough.



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