The Art of Being Hurt

This is my life.
I went through this a couple years back and I wanted to write about it.

*I edited some things to protect the identities of people within this*


7. A New Relationship


Now, I have been debating and debating about how to breach this chapter. No matter how many times I tried to write it, the words just came out wrong or it didn't make any sense at all to me. But as you can see, I finally got it right... 


So anyway, Bryce was engaged after a week of knowing this girl. 

A Week.

And I know what you are all thinking... "You barely know this girl, how can you judge her so quickly?"

I can. 

You see the problem I had with this girl? It was already personal. This girl had already obliterated any hope of my acceptance because I knew what she was and what she had done. 

"What has she done?" You ask, "It can't be that bad."

Well it is.


The problem I have with her is that I can't stand girls who sleep around and break hearts on the way. But apart from that, she had already crossed the line with me. You see, three of my friends had "been" with her and the one I was closest too? He thought it was true love. True love. That was until I told him that she was cheating on him with my brother...

I honestly don't think Bryce cared about what he put me through that day. I lost one of my closest friends because of his STUPID mistakes and hormones.

I hated my brother...

I hated him with a passion.

Now, let me ask you something. Can any of you actually say that you hate someone, truly? I mean like the gut wrenching hatred you feel towards someone. 

Because I never thought I could ever hate someone before this.


They ran out of money pretty quickly as well, this was due to them having to feed a rescue dog that they had now adopted. Was it wise of them to have a dog? No. They didn't even have any proper food for the dog! So her brilliant solution was to feed it Doritos every night.

That's sick.

It's disgusting to make a pet live in those conditions when they can't even fend for themselves. 

But it wasn't Bryce making the decisions you see, it was her.

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