since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


4. not going to happen

you could see my busted lip he swam over "does this hurt" he touched my lip "ow" and then he went to kiss me again "NO we are just friends OK nothing else" i jumped out of the pool and grabbed my towel he came chasing after me "PAIGE" my brother came out "i think you should leave" he tryed to push him out of the way then "LEAVE" he said louder mason left all after noon was calls from mason and texts from him to i tryed to look at some of them but i just through my iphone 5s at the wall my brother came in "if thats brocken i am not fixing it" he said with a grin he picked it up "lucky not a single scratch on it" he came and sat with me i started to cry he held me close to his chest "i just want to be friends but he doesnt want to be just friends" i said he stayed with me all night he just got a house and he is moving out so he stayed the night in the same bed in the morning i felt something soft being thrown at me "WHAT"!!!!!! i said "school your going to be late get up" my brother said as he was jumping on my bed and throwing pillows at me "since when did i have 3 year old brother" i said with a grin "ha ha ha very funny get up ill take u to school" he said still jumping on my bed throwing pillows at me "FINE iam up i am up" i said as i was getting up i looked at him"oh ok you need to get dresses" he said walking out of the room i got dresses my school u had to wear a uniform today i had to wear my blue skirt with my white button up shurt with a blue tie i chucked my iphone in my pocket on my shirt i had to put make up on my hair is black so i am going to do the goth look today so black make up and etc i finally finished every thing and my brother was already in the car waiting "finally" "what evs just drive" he jroped me off at school i ran into mason great i thought i was going to my locker i past him "hi" he said i just walked past him not even looking at him i meat up with tiana and reece "so guess what" she said wiht exsite ment "what" i said lazly "theres a new boy and he is very cute" she said jumping up and downreece looked at her (their dating know since yesterday) "your cuter" she said wile kissing him i rolled my eyes "got to go class dont want to be later" i walked off really fast 

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