since the beginning

everyone new they were meant to be when they do get together they find they were meant for each other


14. months went by

months went by and we didnt talk when we saw each other at the shops or anywhere it felt something was missing from me like when my dad left i just want to talk to him with out it being weird but its never going to be the same until i got this call from this gig place and they want me to preform every Friday night i was so existed that i told everyone my fist night at this gig was amazing just something or someone was missing a few weeks went by and he didnt show i changed my look and style and than one day i came on stage and saw him with my brother they sat in the back corner when i finished my song he stood up and left when i was in my dressing room they were doing my make up "no stop i cant do this anymore ok ' i said i got up and ran out side it was raining "reece" i yelled he kept walking i grabbed his arm and kissed him "what i thought you liked that job " reece said "yeah but id rather have you than have no job" i said lookong into his eyes he kissed me back after that i got another gig at a way better place and we ended up together forever 





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