Guardian Angel

Annabelle is a senior in high school. One day her guardian angel Faren appears. Hes been wanting to appear in front of her all her life. But he never could. When he finally can he makes an effort to befriend her. His antics irritate her naturally. And theres something hes keeping from her. Some sort of secret.


3. chapter 3

I awoke that next morning.

"Have a nice dream dear?" Faren said with a smile on his face sitting halfway across the room in a beanbag chair with his legs crossed.

"Oh my god. No." I said getting up.

"Oh you know you did" he grinned. I changed into a big black wool sweater and blue skinny jeans and put my hair into a french braid.

"Oh em gee totally gorgeous!" faren exclaimed being a smart ass.

"Shutup" i growled swatting at him.

At school all that day faren would not stop talking to me. He loved having this new advantage over me. He said he felt "invincible". It was all very "amusing" until english came around.

During english i did my usual- no friends-quiet-not paying attention-doodling like a maniac. This time the doodles consisted of hearts, sparkles, rainbows, a squirrel, a teacup, and ocean waves.

"Great art" he whispered in my ear.

I jumped in my chair.

"Ms. Evergreen?" Mr.claire asked looking over at me.

"Oh uh nothing" i said quickly. "Just got a muscle cramp you know"

He nodded and carried on with teaching.

Finally class ended. I grabbed my things and walked home.

As faren and i walked home i decided to take a different route. "Where are we going?" He asked.

"If youve followed me this long you know hell damn right where were going" i said.

"Ah, the park, am i right?"

I nodded continuing on. I used to always visit the park alone. Id sit for a while enjoy the nature there listen to my ipod and daydream even just doodle or write sometimes. All that time faren had been with me and had never told me. Hed seen everything id ever possibly done...

That include showering, emotional moments, peeing, omg...the other one.

"No" faren smiled. "Not that one. And yes Annabelle i can read your thoughts"

"Fabulous" i brushed through the trees and came across the park.

We sat down on the grass and i layed with my head against a backpack and looked up at the bits of tree branches above me.

"Gorgeous am i right?" Faren grinned.

"Mhmm" i said.

"Annabelle im sorry i didnt tell you"

"No thats ok. I can live like this, ya know, with a protective cocky angel thing"

"Angel thing?"


"Haha" he said. "Annabelle..." He sighed.

"Tell me then!" I snapped. "If your so torn"


"Im sorry faren. I just-"

"No thats ok. Dont worry about it"

Suddenly we both heard a rustle and whipped around. A man walked in dressed in dark clothing. He had on a hood concealing his face.

Faren got up emmidiately and shielded me.

"Faren whats going on?" I asked confused. The man came closer and a small smile tugged at his lips- only this smile was gross and disintending.

"You always do such a good job protecting her" he smiled. "Faren you practically love her dont you?"

"Shutup. Get out of here." Faren snapped.

"With time" he smiled and suddenly i became very confused.

I couldnt see anything suddenly. "NO STOP NO!!!!" Faren screamed at the top of his lungs. The man laughed relentlessly and i opened my eyes suddenly gasping.

I held my stomach on my knees suddenly hurled over gasping in pain. Faren rushed over emmidiately and held me intently and tightly.

"Annabelle!" He cried. "Are you ok?"

The feeling suddenly washed away. I looked up into his eyes. "What just happened?" I asked.

"I-i dont know. You just started screaming and you got up onto your knees and curled over"


I was so confused...


Man at the park:

I walked off with a slight smile on my lips. My work here is done.


All his life faren had protected annabelle. All his life he had kept this big secret from her. He knew as much as i did. Basically that there were other angels like him- good ones and bad ones. I myself was considered a bad angel. Id basically just brainwashed them into forgetting me later on. faren could read souls and if i pretended to disguise myself and become another person hed recognize my true identity instantly. This way he wouldnt know and id be able to grow closer to his precious annabelle.

All faren wanted to do was protect annabelle from bad angels like me. But hed failed. Too easy.


I went home a little terrified. I would not be going to the park again soon. I tried to ask faren if he knew what that wierd pain meant but he just kept getting puzzled.

While i was at home the phone rang. It was a friday night. I picked up the phone. "Hello?" I asked.

"Annabelle?" A boys voice asked.

"Yes, whos this?" I asked.

"Trevor. From your science class" he said.

"Ohh yea" i said. "I remember"

"Its actually really funny becuase i was driving home from a friends and my car stopped in front of your house. Can i by any chance borrow some gas?"

"Idk where youll get some" i said.

"Oh... Well then can i come in to make a call?"

"Sure, but why would you need to come in?"

"Its starting to thunderstorm out here. The signals terrible"

"Oh yeah, sure, Trevor"

I was so baffled by this. I mean really? This was the strangest thing.

I opened my door to let trevor inside. He thanked me and walked in. Faren looked upset for a minute but then the look distinguished. He seemed fine then.

"Thanks a lot" trevor said. "You know this is really convenient because im having a party tommarow night. I was gunna invite you but i completley forgot. Now is the perfect occasion i guess. If youd like"

"Oh yeah sure. Thankyou. I guess" i said, surprised. Trevor wasnt exactly a "popular" kid but he didnt talk to me either. He was more like the skater type a little laid back but had his own posy of friends and never bothered to care about anyone.

He certaintly did have connections though. Which made sense about the party thing. But no one at school gave a crap about me. Why him? Why now?

"Well thankyou again" trevor said as he left. "So the party tommarow?"

"Ill see if i can" i said.

"Okay great" he smiled. I shut the door.

That was definatly odd.

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