Guardian Angel

Annabelle is a senior in high school. One day her guardian angel Faren appears. Hes been wanting to appear in front of her all her life. But he never could. When he finally can he makes an effort to befriend her. His antics irritate her naturally. And theres something hes keeping from her. Some sort of secret.


2. chapter 2

The same boy in my dream sat at the table, staring blankly at me with an amused smile. He had piercing brown eyes, messy dark hair, prudent red lips. His skin complexion was nearly chalky white.

"Well" he said. "What do you think? Am i handsome or what?"

"H-h-handsome. You just appeared in thin air-whoever the fuck you are and you expect me to rate you?! Who the hell are you?!"

"Your guardian angel" he said leaning back in his chair looking relaxed though still amused. He put his hands behind his head, his eyes cast over me, a taunting smile nearly.

"get out of my house!" I cried throwing random things at him. I picked up a book and threw it, then a newspaper, and some misellanious pencils and pens. He laughed dodging them.

"Okay" he said. "We can do that too"

"Get OUT!!!"

"Not going anywhere beautiful"

"Um. Excuse me?"

I wanted a legal exlanation. A good and honest explanation of why the boy from my dreams (literally) had just appeared in thin air in front of my face in my dinning room as i nonchalantly ate ice cream.

He laughed. "I am your guardian angel. Like i said. I wouldve shown myself to you sooner but- my magic wasnt strong enough- i could never come through and reveal myself to you"

"Oh. Your magic. Ofc. Magic. That seems legit" i began picking up the mess i had recently made but i still remained in a tyrade.

He laughed again.

"Its true Annabelle"

"Oh! And you know my name!" I cried in sarcastic glee.

"Dont get fussy." He argued. "Im your real guardian angel"

"Kk" i smiled angry as fuck.

"Kkk. I win cause i had the extra k" he smiled leaning back.

"Oh you were a part of that? Makes sense" i said referring to the kkk cult from history class.

He frowned. "Im Faren"

"Faren . Like uhm farting?" I asked.

"Take it back" he said abruptly. "Or else im dissapearing"

"Good! Bye farting" i said.

He frowned. "Now im never leaving" and with that he smiled again.

"Okay Faren, tell me this" i said. "Tell me how your possibly here and why this should all make sense"

"Well" faren smiled. "Looks like your coroperating now"

"No tell me."

"Ive been here since you were born" Faren replied. "Im here to watch over you to protect you from danger at all costs. And i can use magic. But my energy never came through strong enough- and i couldnt show myself to you. I was going to when you were really little. I couldnt do it- it wouldnt work. But i could still protect you- so that i did"

"And why are you my guardian angel? If you will" i said. "And why were you in my dream?"

"Just a little imaginary fun" he grinned.

"Oh. Ok"

"And you thought my hands were so soft" he smiled. "And my teeth were so sparkly"

"God shutup. Dissapear" i cried in frusteration.

He smiled. "Sorry, no. so you wanna know why im here?"

"Thatd be great" i said.

"Not gunna tell you that, sorry"

I threw another book.

"Look" Faren said. "Im sorry i never told you. I just never could. But believe me im real. Im your guardian angel"

Hours later the power came back on. Im eating a slice of pizza from the freezer watching random shows on tv. My parents are out late.

Faren sits aside me and stares at the remote intently.

"Well if you wanna change the channel so bad,e by guest" i said.

"I just wanna know if i can touch the remote" he said.

"Why couldnt you?"

"My energy just came through this afternoon. Pretty soon ill be able to touch objects feel things and such. And ill be able to appear and dissapear easily from your sight. It should all start happening generally now that you can see me"

"Oh ok" i said.

Faren reached over and touched the remote. He picked it up instantly looked over at me and smirked.

"Finally i can change those goddam shows you watch" he smiled.

"Are you kidding me right now?" I said. "Give it back. Now."

"No" he smiled amused. I tried to grab the remote from him and he kept pulling it from my reach.

"sTOP it!" I cried trying to pry his hands open. He laughed.

"Never" he argued. "Youll never get this remote, so help me god"

Suddenly the front door opened.

"What are you gunna do now? Chill with my parents?" I asked snickering.

"No they cant know. They wont understand. Dont tell them anything" he said dissapearing.

My parents walked in on que with shopping bags.

"Oh hi" i said.

"Hello" my mom said. "Sorry we were out late. Just getting a few things"

"Oh thats ok" i said. "Im tired anyways. Goodnight mom"

I went upstairs to bed. I changed into pjs only this time i was seriously worried Faren was watching me.

"Perhaps i am" he said appearing.

"No Faren get out. Im changing"

"Alright alright" he smiled walking out. "But ill be behind your bedroom door. Knock when ur done"

"Maybe ill never knock" i growled.

"Then after i count a couple minutes ill be right in anyways" he smiled.

"god. Irritating. And ive somehow accepted this angel crap" i said pulling on pj shorts.

"Well you shouldve known sooner" faren said behind the door.

"Probably" i said. "And why cant you tell me why your here?"

No answer.

"faren! Please?"


"And why not?"

"Reasons" he seemed to trail off from what hed said and almost sounded pretty damn sad.


"Uh- you done?" He asked abruptly.


He came in through the door anyways.

"Now i pretty much can touch you any object and appear and dissapear" he smiled. "This should be fun"

"Not for me" i said falling asleep. "And are you just gunna stand there akwardly at the foot of my bed as i sleep?"

"Its what ive been doing every night since you were young" he smirked.

"God. Go die" i groaned pulling the pillow over my head. Suddenly i was asleep.

I was dreaming suddenly again. I was sitting on a big oak tree that had fallen in the woods. This time it was day and the sunlight was falling in pieces through the trees. I looked aside me and there was Faren sitting gallantly with a smirk upon his face. He held a remote control up in the air.

"See? Only ive got the remote control" he smiled.

"Of course you do you bastard" i said.

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