Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson

Love can be a complicated thing, especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as friends has turned into something more. A simple girl who was lost and broken fell madly in love with her brother's best friend. He fell in love back, but he knew he couldn't. Rules were broken, secrets were kept but soon were told, and love conquer everything (or so it did). So, what if one stupid mistake ruined everything? Brooke and Louis were in love with each other. They knew it was wrong to be dating, so they kept it a secret until Louis made a terrible mistake. Louis had to tell Harry everything. From telling the rules, to dating, to the cheating mistake Louis blames himself for. Brooke had never been put in this situation before, so what does she do? She runs. After being found missing, the lads go on an adventure to find Brooke. Louis is determined to find her even if it means to travel across the world until he finds her. Will they ever find Brooke? What if they don't? How will Harry and Louis take this? Most importantly, where is Brooke? Join Louis and the lad's on a journey that they will never forget.


"No! I will not stop!" I shouted. "Louis, we looked everywhere! What else do you want us to do? We heard nothing from her," Harry roared with anger. "Harry, this is your sister we are talking about. I'm not leaving," I said through clenched teeth. My fist were clenched to my sides, my face was beating red from yelling, and anger took over me. How could he give up on his own sister? "I love her to death Louis but this is your fault. You caused this. You should have told her. You are the one to blame for her disappearance!" Harry yelled. I kept quiet from any words I would regret saying. I shook my head in anger and walked towards him. Our face were inches apart. No words were spoken. "But I still love her Harry. Always will. You leave then. I'm not," I said through the silence. "Fine, I will."


6. Never Leave You Chapter 5

Never Leave You Chapter 5

Brooke's Pov:

I flipped through the channels as I munched on a bag of crisps, laying flat on my stomach with one hand in the salty snacks and the other gripping onto the black remote. The hotel room was dark. There was no light in here. The curtains and blinded were closed so the light wouldn't peep in. And the only thing you could hear was the different channels I was going skipping through.

"Listen up little girl- The cheetah runs as fast as a- A group of friends that go by Louis, Harry, Niall- Wait! Wait! Rewind to the part where he was about to fall- " I sat up as I went back on the channel before with curiosity. "-Liam and Zayn are reportedly here in New York City hanging missing posters as it seems to be the man Harry's long lost sister. Four of them have been spotted hanging up poster as the gentlemen Harry seems to be reported by the Empire State Building asking people if they have seen his sister," the reported said as a picture popped up of Harry.

I scanned the picture to see a worried looking Harry handing our flyers. I sighed and looked down as a tear slipped from my eyes. My emotions were getting the best of me again. I looked up at the screen to see another picture of the boys in Central Park and a small soundless video playing next to it.

"A witness said they seen a mysterious girl with the group of friends," she said as another picture of a girl, who looked a lot like me, was standing next to Louis as he was laughing with the girl. The picture was blurry but it was enough for it to shatter my heart as I saw what was in front of me. Has Louis really moved on so soon with a girl who looked a lot like me?

"Another witness said they seen Harry leave the group looking angry. Could it possibly be because of the mysterious girl?" the reporter asked. "Take a look of this video we got today," she said and winked before the video appeared bigger. "Louis! Louis! Who is this girl you are with?" a stranger shouted. Louis and the girl walked out from a carriage. Louis wrapped an arm around the girl as he guided her down the sidewalk. "We are just taking a ride on the carriage under the stars, Louis said. The girl whispered in his ear before he said, "Her name is Dylynn."

It felt like my whole world was suddenly crashing down. My heart shattered even more as I heard that familiar voice that made my heart fluttered. "Where is Brooke? Isn't that Harry's sister name?" Another one shouted. I listened closely to hear his response. "She is somewhere but I wouldn't know," he waved them off. My eyes widen as I felt the tears fall. He doesn't even care. . .

I turned off the tv as I cried silently to myself. I pulled my knees to my chest and lain down on my side as I silently sobbed. I can't believe he doesn't care. I thought he loves me. . . I sniffed so I can breath better before I stood up and walked over to the curtain. I pulled it back to reveal the sun shinning over the beach. People were laughing and running around. Couples were cuddling together on the beach, kids were swimming in the waters, and family's ate on the beach on a picnic. I would only be here for one more week before I leave.

I sighed and grabbed my phone as I dialed a number. I walked away from the window and sat down on the bed. The phone rung a few times before a miserable, husky voice came through on the other end. My breath hitched in my throat, not knowing what to say. "Hello? Brooke, are you there?" Harry frantically asked. Tears fell down more as I ended the call. I sobbed and tossed my phone on the bed. My life is such a mess. The one thing I can't live with out has finally forgotten me and moved on.


Harry's Pov:

"Louis William Tomlinson! What was that all about?" I growled as Louis walked in the room after I got off the phone and finished watching the news. The lads sat awkwardly on the couch as they watched. "What?" Louis asked, oblivious to what was going on.

My fist were clenched to my side as I tried to hold in my anger as much as I can. "Do you know what you have done?!" I yelled. "I do not know what you are talking about," Louis seethed, he rolled his eyes. My phone was clenched in one of my hands against my chest. "Bloody hell Louis. I want that girl gone. We came here for a reason Louis and that's to find Brooke not to be all loved up with some girl you found and don't forget she looks like Brooke!" I yelled. "Are you kidding me? I'm not being loved up. For crying out loud, I still love Brooke!" he yelled. I rolled my eyes. "It doesn't seem like that when you and Dylynn were taking a ride in a carriage around New York," I scoffed. "Harry I'm sick of this. What's so wrong about Dylynn? She is nice, funny and wants to help. I took her out to have fun," Louis snarled.

I walked over to him. My body was over towering his as I stood in front of him. "Tell that to Brooke," I spat. His glare dropped as he stood there to think. He stuttered over his words, not knowing what to say. "Exactly. . ." He stayed quiet before he turned around and walked up stairs. We heard footsteps and a loud door slam. I unclenched my fist and let out a sigh.

I rubbed my temples with my index fingers as I sat down on the couch. I closed my eyes and I tried to think. "Why didn't you tell him?" Liam asked after a moment of silence. I opened my eyes and looked up at the three concern lads. "Tell him what?" I asked. "That Brooke called," Zayn said. "Then hung up," Niall added. "I never got the chance to," I replied as I shrugged my broad shoulders and stood up! I walked over to the kitchen. I opened the fridge to find it empty.

I sighed and closed the fridge door. My eyes scanned up to see Zayn and his arms crossed over his chest. The other two stood behind him, shaking their heads. "You could have told him before you started yelling at him," Zayn said. I nodded and walked out of the kitchen, they followed behind me. "Harry listen. . . go easy on him. He is having a hard time dealing with Brooke," Liam said. I turned around causing them to bump into me. "We came here to find Brooke. We will find Brooke. No girl will be dragged into this. She looks like my sister and it reminds me too much of her. We came here to look. Not to have fun," I snapped.

"Harry. . . You even agreed with me when I said let's take the time to enjoy it while we are here and I meant it. We will only come here once in awhile," Niall said. My hard gaze dropped as I let out a frustrated sigh. "I just can't cope with someone who looks like Brooke. I can't have Louis lose his focus because of some girl. This was his idea of coming here," I said. "We all love Brooke and we will find her. Let's take the extra help when we can. Trust me, Louis will always love Brooke. He is trying to get his mind off of things and have fun," Liam said.

I looked at the three of them before I nodded. "We will search early in the morning for her," I said before walking upstairs. I walked into my room, slamming the door behind me.

If only I had notice Louis was standing behind his door and listening to everything I said.

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