Never Leave You (Sequel) | Louis Tomlinson

Love can be a complicated thing, especially when your heart has been broken by the one you are madly in love with. Every love story has its beginning. What started out as friends has turned into something more. A simple girl who was lost and broken fell madly in love with her brother's best friend. He fell in love back, but he knew he couldn't. Rules were broken, secrets were kept but soon were told, and love conquer everything (or so it did). So, what if one stupid mistake ruined everything? Brooke and Louis were in love with each other. They knew it was wrong to be dating, so they kept it a secret until Louis made a terrible mistake. Louis had to tell Harry everything. From telling the rules, to dating, to the cheating mistake Louis blames himself for. Brooke had never been put in this situation before, so what does she do? She runs. After being found missing, the lads go on an adventure to find Brooke. Louis is determined to find her even if it means to travel across the world until he finds her. Will they ever find Brooke? What if they don't? How will Harry and Louis take this? Most importantly, where is Brooke? Join Louis and the lad's on a journey that they will never forget.


"No! I will not stop!" I shouted. "Louis, we looked everywhere! What else do you want us to do? We heard nothing from her," Harry roared with anger. "Harry, this is your sister we are talking about. I'm not leaving," I said through clenched teeth. My fist were clenched to my sides, my face was beating red from yelling, and anger took over me. How could he give up on his own sister? "I love her to death Louis but this is your fault. You caused this. You should have told her. You are the one to blame for her disappearance!" Harry yelled. I kept quiet from any words I would regret saying. I shook my head in anger and walked towards him. Our face were inches apart. No words were spoken. "But I still love her Harry. Always will. You leave then. I'm not," I said through the silence. "Fine, I will."


15. Never Leave You Chapter 14

Never Leave You Chapter 14

Louis' Pov:

"Welcome to Los Angeles, California. There are many activities you can do; from sight seeing to going to delicious restaurants to walking down the Hollywood walk of fame and much more. Enjoy your stay here in L.A.," the intercom said as we exited off the plane. A click sounded through the speaker, letting everyone know the lady had hung up.

Liam had on a huge smile as he said, "Oh how I love L.A.- one of the most famous places to visit." "The food here is amazing," Zayn said, licking his lips. "You can't forget about the beaches," Niall said. "And the movie stars," Harry said. I nodded to each of them in agreement. "There is no need to take a tour here, lads. We know a lot of things and where it is located at," I said, "let's get going."

We began walking with our backpacks hanging onto our backs. It was very crowded here at L.A.X with so many people pushing past us in a hurry. They were too busy bumping into people that that they didn't even apologize or excuse themselves.

"Please explain to me why there are so many people here at the airport," Niall said. I shrugged and said, "Maybe for the holidays or business trips?" "It can be but I still don't understand why people have to be so rude!" he shouted at a young girl who had bumped into him in a hurry; she needed to leave as soon as possible. She was short with long, brown curly hair who looked a lot like Brooke in my opinion, but the stranger had a small nose piercing and an anchor tattoo on her wrist and some sort of small writing or design on one of her fingers; it couldn't have been Brooke.

"It is strange to think people are so rude these days. Especially in America!" Zayn said. I couldn't help but giggle to see Niall was fuming at the girl. "I'm going to go talk to the girl and give her a piece of my mind for being so rude," he grunted, he walked over to the girl who had her back facing us.

"He seems mad," Harry says. "Hence the fact she bumped into him without apologizing," Liam said. "That was a bit rude of her," I said. "Well, she did run into him without apologizing even if she was in a hurry," Zayn said. "I guess you have a point." I shrugged as I nodded, agreeing before letting out a short laugh and causing the lads to do so as well.

About fifteen minutes or less, we saw Niall walking back over here in complete utter shock. His face was stiff and he looked in pain. His blue eyes weren't filled with anger, or even happy. It looked like he was in such shock that he couldn't talk or speak. His face was held emotionless and stiff as a board. He didn't look at any of us in the eyes until we had to speak to him.

"Niall?" I chuckled as I waved my hand in front of his face. He stayed quiet. I looked at the lads in concern then back at Niall. "Niall? Are you okay?" Harry asked. "Why isn't he talking?" Liam asked. "Niall," Zayn said. I snapped my fingers in his face, causing him to snap out of it.

"Niall?" He looked at me and blinked a few times. "Yes?" "Are you okay?" I asked. He gulped before hesitantly nodding. "Was she cute or something?" Harry laughed. "Yes," Niall simply replied, "you can say that." "Did you know her or something? Long time friend?" I asked. "You can say that," he repeated. "Did she remind you of Brooke?" Zayn asked. "You can say that," he said as he looked at me.

I looked back, unaware of what he was hinting at. "Okay? Let's get going to the nearest hotel," I said. Niall nodded, still a bit dismayed. We began to walk again but I couldn't help but look at the stranger who bumped into Niall. There was something about her that was strange.

She was looking at me at the corner of her eyes with. . . hurt? Her eyes were evident with hurt. Her hair was blocking a view of her face; I couldn't see her well.

Someone walked in front of me, causing me to look around them and back at the girl but only to see she was gone. I looked around the area but I heard the lads call my name for me to go.

"Coming!" I shouted. I looked at them and I jogged to them, but I couldn't help but feel as if someone was watching me.


"Home sweet home," Zayn hummed. "Only to be in LA," Harry added as he threw his luggage on the bed. "Sadly. . ." Zayn shook his head. "I miss London." "There is a few more places until we will be home. I know we are getting closer. It's like she is here. . . or was," I said. "I think we all miss London but it's fun traveling," Liam said. "Yeah, I guess you're right," Zayn whispered. "Anyways, do you have a plan?" Harry asked towards me. "Well, like I said back in San Francisco: only one day at each place. I don't want to spend too much time in one area," I said. "Then, we will be going to Las Vegas," I added. "Yeah Vegas baby! Where the gambling is at, the drinks, the night clubs, the Vegas people, and much more!" Zayn shouted. I laughed at his little statement before moving on.

"Moving on. Are we ready for this? So far we have been to London, New York, San Francisco, and here. We have a few places left that I want to hit," I said. "Which is?" Liam asked. "Vegas, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Brazil, France, Ireland, Italy, China, Japan-" "A few? That's a lot," Zayn interjected. "But it's my sister we are talking about," Harry said. "I understand, but it's a lot to go to. What if she is back in San francisco and we didn't look hard enough?" Zayn asked. "She couldn't be. We spread out and looked at the main places," Liam said.

"Is she even in California?" Zayn asked. "She could be," I said. "Or she could have left," Zayn said. "We are looking everywhere. Which is the most popular places," I said. "And. . . Niall? Why are you not talking?" I stopped myself to realize Niall hadn't spoke one word since we have arrived here. Liam, Zayn, and Harry looked at Niall as so did I. He stood in front of the window as he looked out at the night sky of the city. The skyscraper lights twinkled in the night sky. He watched an airplane fly away and off to the distance.

"Niall, lad? Are you okay?" Harry asked. "You seem out of it." Niall snapped out of his thoughts and looked at us. "Yeah. . ." he trailed off, "I'm fine. I need some sleep." "I agree. I think we all need sleep. Too much traveling for one night," Liam said, nodding.

"Tomorrow we will look again." Harry yawned. "I'm already ahead of you lads," Zayn said as he jumped in one of the beds. I rolled my eyes with a teasing smile and I sat down next to him. Harry turned off the lights before getting in the other bed. Soon, we were all snuggled in and slowly about to fall asleep besides me. One thing was kept on my mind. Or should I say someone.

Who was that girl?

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