My Life

My name is Clare and I go to a school called Roeway High School. My friends are Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Hunter Hayes, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. My dad is Scooter Braun the manger of Justin Bieber so you would already think that me and Justin are best friends, well your right there and you would think that i have a perfect well life too well your wrong. I get attacked by the paparazzi and i get hated on by fans of my friends. I for one am not a singer i just model but still my friends and i manage to hangout with one another. This is by me my friends Jose and Ana


2. School


      Luke's POV

   The bell had just rang and the girls were bout to had off to their class but before Clare could walk away i grabbed her arm and pulled her into a long loving kiss. When we pulled away i looked at her for only a second because Taylor had pulled her away from my grasp.

"Nice Hemmings nice" Justin said i laughed at his comment as we walked in to the school. Hunter, Ashton, and i went to computer class while Justin, Michael, and Calum went to art.

 2 Hours Later

The bell rang witch means that it was lunch time, i raced down to lunch room to find everyone sitting down. As i walked to the table everyone greeted me with hey's and hello's i gave Clare a kiss on the cheek and sat down next to her. 

"So are you guys ready for prom" Demi asked we all shock our heads yes 

Clare's POV

"So are you guys ready for prom" Demi asked we all shock our heads yes 

"So Hunter are you taking Taylor to prom" i asked him as he looked at Taylor then me 

"Yea, i dont want to end up like Justin and dont have a date" Hunter chucked as Justin punched him in the arm. The bell rang and Justin, Hunter, and I have gym while the other had Math and English. As we got up from the table i gave Luke a kiss goodbye then i headed off to gym with my two favorite boys Hunter and Justin.


Justin's POV

Hunter, Clare and i walked into the gym and then going are separate ways into the locker rooms, when me and Hunter walked out we saw Clare talking to a group of girls.

"Justin you should run behind Clare and scare her" Hunter said 

"And get punched by your sister no thank you and you know how hard she hits" i said back 

"whatever you learn to live it" he said walking off to scare Clare as i followed behind to see where this was going. I stopped halfway to lean on a wall and watch Hunter's plan.

"AHHHHHH  HUNTER" Clare screamed i laughed as she punched Hunter five times then both of started to walk in my way. We talked for about 10mins till the gym teacher Mr.Grunt came out and told us to do 100 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 60 jumping-jacks, and we ran around the gym 10 times. This class took up the rest of the day. The bell rang and everyone ran to the look rooms not wanting to miss their ride home. Hunter and walked out of the but stayed to waiting for Clare. 

"Lets go meet the others" she said. Me and Hunter followed her out of the school to go meet the others.

"Hey i need a ride home Taylor had to stay after for track today" Hunter asked me 

"Yea no problem your dad wants me to stop bye any way so we can talk" i replied. We talked for about for 10 min and then goodbyes. Luke, Calum, Hunter, Clare and i got into my car and headed off. The car ride was quite like always till Hunter put the radio came on and His song Wanted came on. We all sang along to it including Clare who has a great voice by the way, when the song ended we came to Luke and Calum's place. They hopped out the car expect Luke who brought Clare with him, he gave her a kisses goodbye then i honked the horn witch scared the crap out of Luke. Hunter and i burst out laughing, after they said goodbye Clare hopped back into the SUV and i drove off to their house.

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