"Taking the blood of a loved one, then securing it in the ancient blood keepers necklace will allow whoever is wearing it to appear human: survive in sunlight, having a reflection, standard eyes, etc. the person who's blood has been taken will not remember anything from that day. the spell will work until the necklace runs out of blood, or the loved one stops loving you."
Everything changed after Alexia Knight found this old book of vampire secrets labeled 'Old and Never Told'. If this meant she could withstand the sunlight, she would be able to hunt during the day, and even feel what it is to be free in the light, instead of being locked up in the old dungeon her family calls 'Home'.
All she needed to do was find the ' Ancient Blood Keepers Necklace', but it took longer than she planned, and she may need some help. Even if it is from some humans...



I have a bunch of ideas for this fanfic and I'm gonna write it out first on word, just so i can make changes easier if i need to. i will delete this chapter as soon as i get the actual chapter up. if anyone would want to make a trailer for this, that would be awesome. if you are interested in helping with a trailer, message me on twitter, Facebook (i use this most often), or you could just comment on here :D  

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Thank you ILY to everyone who is, or will read this :) ^_^

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