Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


8. 5

 (Credit to My Best Friend Kaylie cause she made the cover. She really good at editing.)  

"So you can play guitar I see. " Niall said.

 "Oh uh..yeah." I said

 "She can played other instruments too, but she like to play the cello." Ashton said.

 "Yeah she really good" said Luke.

 "Yup agreed" said Micheal.

  "Same here" Calum said.

  "Aww thanks guys" I said smiling.

 "You should play for us one day." Louis said.

 "Maybe..."  I said looking down. " Where the bathroom?"

 " Down the hall on the right" Calum said.

 "Thanks." I got up and left that room.

 I'm going to be honest here. I didn't really need to pee. I just needed a minute to fangirl. Man It was just so hard to keep it hidden. I could have fangirl in front of them but I would creep them out. I didn't want them to think I was that crazy. I saw the bathroom and went in. The bathroom was completely empty.  

"Weird" I said.

I turned the knobbed, water came out. I splashed water on  my face. I turn it off. The lights started to flicker. *Clink* The bathroom door locked. "Shit" The lights turned off. I felt a cold air past me. I hold on to the sink.

 "Don't be afraid dear. I won't hurt you..yet.." 

 "Who are you? I asked. I tried to hide the fear in my voice but that didn't work.

 " Your worst nightmare.."

"What do you want from me?.." I asked. *thinking Really Anna that what you asked?* 

 "haha That will have to wait till next time" "bye my darling"

Than left the lights came back and the door unlocked. I stand there in shock. I turned to the mirror and saw writing.

 See you again darling, 

                                   I'm watching you.

I have to get someone. I quickly walked towards the door and opened it. I continued to walk back where the boys are.

 " Need my dad or someone" I said.

The room got quiet.

 "Anna, you looked like you saw a ghost." Micheal said.

 " Do you know if my dad or mom or someone is here?" I asked once more.

 " Why? What happen?" Ashton asked.

 "He..He came back" I said, my voice tremble.

Ashton got up. "I go check it out Calum come with me." he said.

Calum nodded and they left. 

 "He who?" Liam asked.

" The guy.. who..put me in this whole situation now... Where Percy I need to talk to him again." I said.

I was on the verge on crying.

  "I'll see if he is here." Micheal said.

Luke hugged me. I put my head on him. Not long after I heard.


I looked up to see Percey.He came and hugged me.

" Micheal told me what happen." He said.

" Percy you need to look at this" Ashton said he came back.

"I'll be there in a few " he said.

 " Anna I'll be back in a few minutes. The boys will walked with you to your room. They will protected you till I come back. Okay? " he said looking at me. 

I nodded. Than he left.

"Let's go" Louis said breaking the silence.

We got up and left. Went back from where we came from. Not a single word came out from anyone. I was glad actually this gave me more time to think about what was happen. How things can change quickly in one day. You never really know what can happen. One day everything perfect that next day it dark. No there to help you, you basically become on your on in a way from what had happen. 

We got to my door. I opened the door slowly, in fear that he would be back.. It was exactly how we left it.

"Nice room, Anna" Niall said.

"Thanks Niall." I said

"Have you rode the skateboard yet?" Louis asked.

"No, not yet. I hadn't really tried that yet." I said.

"Oh. Louis said. Admiring my skateboards.

"You wouldn't mind if I just tried this one would you? He asked.

"You can I don't mind as long as you bring it back" I said.

"YAY!" he said, his eyes lighted up. 



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