Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


7. 4

"So Ashton Aphro- mom said looking at Ashton. Do you want to show Anna her room. "

"Sure he said, Wait to go to her room we go down this hall to the right? Am I right room 242 right? "

"Yup " she said. I'll go to go hope you like it Anna and walked way.

"So should I show you the room" he asked.

"Yup. "I said.

We continued to walked down the hall.

"So why are you here?" I asked. 

"Well I'm a creature, highest of them all." he said make a face and looking into the distance.

"Oh" I said.I couldn't handle it i started to laugh. soon after he joined me.

"Ok let agree you'll never say that again unless we are pranking or something."  I said.

"Alright than." he said.

* awkward silence*

"So what do you mean creature?" I asked

"Well.." he said.

"Well?... "I said

"I"m a wizard" he said. looking at the door.

"Ooh" i said.

"Yeah, here your room." he said.

"Ok." I said.

He was about to leave but I stopped him. 

"Can you stay with me? I kind of don't know the whole place and i'm kind of learning still an-" i said but he cut me off.

"Sure" he said smiling.

"Thanks" I said.

I turned the doorknob. I opened the door to find the most amazing room

My bed is a queen size bed with purple bedspread. My white drawers and my white desk that match it. Its had one of those half ball thingy hanging on the ceiling. You know the ones where you can sit in. They had skateboards and  some guitars on the other side of the room arrange neatly and than I saw one of the most beautiful things the cello. It was new but old looking it was perfect. 


"Wow" I said. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  

"You like it? " he asked.

"Yeah " I said. 

"So..this is my room? " I asked still in shock.

"Yup. " he said.

I walked over where the cello was. I plucked the strings to see if it was tuned. It was but one of the strings which was the C string was out of tuned. I grabbed the bow and tighten it than I put rosin on it . I grabbed the desk chair  put it where I was going to play. I sat in I was just about to play when I remember Ashton here. I looked to see him sitting in the half ball was .

 "You don't mind if I just play a little. Do you?" I asked.

"No at all." He said.

I started to play. As I played more and more I felt like no one was in the room. It was just me and the cello. I felt like the cello and I were one.  The end of the song I actually out of breath. 

I heard clapping. I see Ashton clapping than I see Micheal, Luke, and Calum at my door clapping.

"That was amazing" said Micheal.

"Oh.. uh.." Thanks. I said.

"Can you play other instruments? " Luke asked.

"Yeah but I prefer to play the cello." I said.

"Your coming with us." Calum said.

"Why?" I said putting my stuff away.

'Come on " Luke said dragging me out the door.

We went back to place where I started. But we kept going where I think this was the music wing cause they had a lot of instruments and recording stuff. They had food their too and a bathroom. The walls were cover with posters of old and newer musicians.

"What this place? " I asked

"This where we can write and make our music you know? Where we can just get our peace and quiet. " said Luke.

"Cool"  I said.

We talked a bit it wasn't awkward as much as I thought we got along really well. 

"So why are we here"  I finally asked.

"Oh" said Calum. "um.."

Play this." Micheal said handing me a guitar.

"First answer my question than I will play." I said.

Ok they said.

"Why were you guys in my room?"

"We heard music playing and we needed Ashton. Now play at once " Michael said.

"What do you want me to play? " I asked.

"Play little things." Ashton says.

I started to play. I started sing a little quietly.

Ashton, Luke, Micheal, and Calum started to sing along.

As we were all sing we heard someone say And I'm in love with Lou and all his little things..

I stopped playing to see the one and only One Direction. All the boys got up and gave them a hug. I was still sitting a little shock. Come on wouldn't  you be too. I'm like in the same room with two of the most famous boy bands ever.

"What your name? I"  heard. It was an Irish accent so it was Niall.

"Oh... uh Anna." was all I could say.

"What a pretty name." Liam said. I blushed a bit.





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