Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


21. 18

"So everyone hold hands and get in a circle" Ashton said. 

 We got in a circle. They both looked at each other and nodded . They started to say something wind started to circle us. They start to say the words louder and wind pick up more until they stop. Everything died down. We were no longer in boys room. We were in some other room. The doors open and it was paul. 

"They you guys are come on. You guys are about to go on soon." He said. 

The boys nodded.

"Oh here" he said giving me 3 laners. 

"Thanks" I said smiling.

"No problem" he said and left.

Luke started to fix his hair while Micheal and Calum started to check to see if everything is tuned.

"While the boys are getting we can show you around" Liam said.

"OH, you need to meet Lux and Lou" Niall said.

 We walked through a few hallways and went to a door that said Hairstylist room. Niall knock and I heard a come in.

"Hello guys, oh I see you brought a few people I haven' met.

"Oh I'm Anna, and these are my friends Hannah and Jaylen"

"Im Lou, and this" she said picking a small little girl is Lux"

"Nice to meet you Hannah said.

 We started to talk about small things. After a while Lux walk over to me and looked at me. She look like she was figuring out if I was safe or dangerous. She put her hands up. I figure she wanted to me to pick her up. So that what I did.

"Hi she whispered.

"Hi, Im Anna what your name" I said smiling.

"I'm lux" she said.

"That a beautiful name." I said.

"My mommy gave it to me." two year old said.

"I very surprised she talking to you. It usually takes a while to warm up new people." Lou said. She started to fix some of the Harry hair. 

Ashton open the the door and I was holding on to Lux while talk to Lou and Hannah. Jaylen was talking to Zayn about some guy stuff.

"Um,were about to play if you want to see us perform" Ashton said looking at me.

"Yeah wouldn't miss it. " I said smiling. I try to put Lux down but she didn't want to let go. 

"Is okay If I bring her along cause she seems like she doesn't want me to let her go" I said Lux.

"Yeah, but make sure she wear these" she said handing me some earplugs. "They protect her ear from the screaming. I'll meet you guys over after I'm done with him" she pointed at Harry while he smile like an idiot.


"Okay you guys wait here. While we perform. " Ashton said.

The music start to play. We could hear the guitars but we couldn't see them. We saw Ashton walk and put is drum stick in the air and than played with the music. Then and couple minutes later the three boys came out and played. they really did amazing.

Soon after they played Lou came out and I handed her lux who fell asleep after the boys came on. Me and Hannah were sing along with them while played.While Jaylen look at us annoyed but we knew he was enjoying it too.  Once they ended Lou show us where they were. She went and put Lux somewherelko comfortable and safe so she could sleep better. 

"So how we do ?" Luke asked

"Amazing " Hannah and me said at the same time.

"Yeah, you guy were pretty good " Jaylen said.

We chatted for a bit when it was soon time for One Direction was about to go one. We went back to same spot we were last time. The lights went off and everyone scream. The theme song for WWA tour came on.  Than the boys came. I felt my heart drop a little, it seem like everyone around us did too.

Me and Hannah sang along dancing like idiots to all the songs. Some songs the boys came and  dance with us. Like when the boys were singing little things Micheal look at Calum and pretended to be singing to him. Luke saw and look offended by that. I was laughing.

But sadly this concert had to end. We met with the rest of the boys after the meet and greets. We hung with Lou and some other people who help with the concert and talked for a bit. After a while the boys called it quits and we headed home. Ashton and Harry made the spell that same feeling came back like the first time. We appeared in the boys room again.

"Well,i'm going to my room" Hannah said. 

"So am I" Jaylen said. They both left.

I hung out the boys after a  while till around 12:00. 

"Im leaving guys night" I said.

Ashton got up and walked me to the door. 

"Hey um, do you need m-" He said but I cut him off.

"Yeah, if you don't mind." I said.

"I don't. "he said smiling,"I'll be over after I change" I nodded and left

I quickly change into big short and some shorts. I took of my make up. Soon after Ashton knocked.

"You can come in" I yelled.

He open the door then closed it. I was starting to get in bed.

"Do you want me to turn off the lights or?" 

"Turn them off please" The lights went off. I saw Ashton shadow walk over to the bed and got with me.

"Did you really enjoy today?" he asked.

"Yeah " I said." Do you guys ever get scared when your up there?"

"At first yeah we did but after a while you get more excited. You can feel the energy from the crowd."

"But you also kind of worry like what if someone in the crowd isn't enjoy this, what they hate it. I just want to make every happy"

"You really put a lot of effort in what you do" I said.


I scooted closer to Ashton my head on his chest. He puts his arm me.

"Goodnight Ash" I said.

"Goodnight Angel " he said.

"Angel? I said looking up at him.

"Yeah that my nickname to you" he said.

"I like it" 

"Good now go to sleep, you have long day of head of you." 

My eyelids got heavy and soon after I was out.


So yeah i'm back. This chapter is really bad sorry. but Im going to skip two months. So the concerts will be over and that where hopefully I could make this little bit action pack and all that stuff. Okay bye



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