Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


20. 17

 Ashton POV:

Its 3:45 pm

"Alright guys get ready we are leaving around 5 ish." Liam said.

"Wait, what why?" Anna asked. 

"The concert."Louis said.

"Oh yeah" Anna said.

"So are you coming with us this time?" Micheal said.

"Yeah " she said, "Um can Hannah and Jaylen come?" 

"Yeah, they can" Calum said.

"Really? she said.

"Yeah the more the merrier" Harry said.

"Thank you guys" She said with a smile and getting her phone out.

"Um Im going to my room and change. Tell me whats happening,Okay?" she said.

"Will do," Zayn said.

She left to get ready. 

"Alright spill the beans bro" Calum said.

"Yeah, why are you acting differently since that dude left." Harry said.

"I,um.. don't know what your talking about. " I said with a confused face. Was I really acting differently?

"Are you sure?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

*Silence filled the air*

"I think your falling for her." Micheal said out of no where.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Your very over protective over her, you been by herside-" he said.

"I was just trying to protect her" I said.

"Bro, I see you looking at her when she not looking, you smile when she laugh, and smile even when she fooling around."Calum said.

"And it seem like you got a bit jealous when that dude came and wink at her. You blush sometimes when your with her and when we say you're together. Luke said.

"I-dude seems weird... *sighs* I put my hand through my hair.

"I don't know if I like like her." I said, "I mean I like her like a friend and stuff she cool and everything. But don't you guys think its too early for me to say that I like her like her?" I said.

 "Well I guess it a bit early since well basically know her for four or three days now. But sometime when its real you can feel it instantly. " Zayn  said.

"When the moment right you'll find out if you like her or not."Liam said. 

"Yeah but we slowly see your falling for her though" Calum said. Silence after that.

"Come on lets get ready. So Ashton can impress Anna" Louis said.

I rolled my eyes. 


Anna POV:

"HANNAH I NEED HELP" I yelled into the phone.

"Why wait?" she said confused.

"I told Jaylen that you and him are coming with me to see 5sos and 1D perform today and-." explained

"Wait what? We are going to their concert?" she said. 

"Yeah" I said carefully.

"OGMGKXFDZDS AHHHH" she screamed through the phone. I put the phone away from my ear until she settle down.

"Okay, so what do you need help with?" She said calming.

"I don't know what to wear or anything." I said.

"I'll be over in 5 minutes tops."she said hanging up on me.

 She actually came to my room within 5 minutes.

"Wow you came here fast." I said letting her in.

"I know but we got to get you ready." She said walking in and towards my closet.

"Hmm. This" She said handing me the stuff.

   I walk to the bathroom and changed. I put on the black lace crop top with black shorts. I saw the dark red and blue flannel and figure it would go around my waist. and than I put on my dark red vans that match the flannel. 

I walked out and show it to her. I actually like it. It didn't show my boobs and the shorts weren't booty short they were normal. I don't have a thigh gap or a big big butt or big boobs. But I like to say there are decent.

She handed my a 5sos beanie and necklace with bracelet and another bracelet but it was One Direction. She was putting a case that had a One Direction concert on it on my phone. 

"Curl your hair a the ends" she said going to the bathroom.

Okay" I said while curling while she went a changed.

She came out wearing a pink direction top and gray bra cover thing with black shorts. She had  a pair of white sandals and a few one direction bracelet with a 5sos bracelet too. Her phone had a One Direction fetus case.

"Oooo I like" I said.

"Thanks"  She said. 

 I just finish my hair and brush it a bit out to make it loose. I did a wing eyeliner and a dark red lipstick  also add mascara. I didn't do anything big cause it a little time although it was the eyeliner that took most of my time.  


I'm with the boys


Okay  be there soon     I reply back

Hannah just put on some pink lip stick with mascara and a thin eyeliner on her eyes with no wing.

"Jaylen with the boys " I said to Hannah

"Okay" she said add little touches.

I looked at my phone time it 4:56.

"Okay let with them she said.

We walk out my room and to the boys room. We knocked on the door and Luke opened it. 

"Hey Anna, Hannah. Luke said," I see you dressed mice for Ashton , Anna" 

I rolled my eyes and blushed a bit. I saw Jaylen sitting with Micheal on the couch.

"Hey Jaylen"  I said sitting next to him putting my legs on him.

"Hey Anna" he said.

"Nice hat" Micheal said.

"Thanks" I answered

Hannah sat next to me. Im laying down and my back and shoulder are on her lap.

"No get off " she groan.

"No you guy are comfort." I said.

"Luke I said. 

"What he said.

"Sit next to Hannah I said.

"Why?" he said.

"Just do it" I said. He did as told. and I put my head on his lap. I though now I realise my head is near is crotch.

"What are doing" Calum said.

"Laying down on them what the fuck does it look like?" I said.

"You trying some new with Luke's crotch?" He said.

"What eewww no" I said

"Alirght lets- Luke" Liam said.

I turn my head and see Luke had a boner. 

"Ahh"  I scream falling the floor.

"What happen" Zayn said  while the other boys ran to see what a happen.

"Anna gave Luke a boner" Calum said laughing with Micheal and Jaylen.

I see Luke face bright red and I was blushing a bit. Everyone surrounded me on the floor.

"Why is Anna on the floor?" Ashton asked.

"I fell when I saw he had a boner" I said.

"Awww Luke, its okay your little friend will be in my mouth soon" Micheal said.

"Eww no" Luke said scrunching up his nose.

"Hey. No that's my job" Calum said winking at Luke.

"No of you guys are getting near my little friend" Luke said.

We all started to laugh.

"All right lets go" Liam said. 

"Louis carry me" I said.

"Whatever" Louis said helping me up and getting ready for me to be on his back.



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