Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


14. 11

Anyone Pov:

"Okay let get ready for this." I said.

"Is there a park near us or something?" Hannah asked.

"No.." Louis said.

"Than where are we doing this?"  Jaylen asked.

"We can use magic" Harry suggested.

"But don't you need help with that?" Luke asked.

"Duh, Ashton" Harry said.

"Ashton can you help him, please?" I asked.

"Sure" he said.

"Yay!" We cheered

"Wait, are we using magic in my room or is there some place that we can use?" I asked a little concerned.

"We know a spare room that no one but us uses." Liam said.

"Than what are we waiting for?" Michael said.

"Lets go." Zayn said.

 We got out stuff and followed Zayn. We went down the halls taking turns till we came upon a door. Zayn opened it by typing a code. The door opened. There were stairs heading down. It would have been creepy but the lights were on so it made things a little better. We got down and one side had a refrigerator, a bed, tv, a couch pretty much and anyone could live here for a while . The other side was empty and simple.

"So this is where we are having a contest. " Liam said.

"Ashton, Harry, do your thing." Louis commanded.

"Someone is on his period," I said.

"Am not," Louis said.

 Harry and Ashton started to say words, lights were appearing . It was really bright it pretty much blinded us. Than BAM there was a really cool skate park. I was impressed.

"Good job guys," Hannah said.

"Thanks," they said in unison.

"Ready to lose?" Louis said.

"In your dreams," I said getting ready.

"Alright, I want a clean round. You each will be judge on what tricks you guys do. and we are also your judge.Calum and Niall said.

"Hi," I said trying not to laugh.

"Hello. I'm you announcer Michael" "and I'm Ashton"

"This crowd  is  looking nice right? Michael said.

"Yes indeed" Ashton said. They said into the microphone. 

Louis will be going up first. 


Louis finishes. (sorry don't know as much about skateboarding)

"Louis, how do you feel about what you did today?" Michael said.

"I feel great."Louis said, "I have a feeling that I'm going to win today."

"Wow a lot of confidence ," Ashton said.

"Yes sir" Louis said.

The guys turn their attention on me now.

"Go, Anna! " Hannah screamed.

I smiled.

I was actually kind of scared going up against Lou, he was quite good.

"Do you any words before you go?" Ashton said.

"Yeah" I said, "This one is for you babe."

I was looking at Harry and winked at him. He of coursed blushed. Louis justed looked pissed. Good.

****Does tricks better than Louis****

I came back. Hannah ran ups towards me and hugged me. 

"You did amazing " Hannah said.

"Aww, Thanks" I replied. 

Wow that was really good, Anna " Ashton said.

"Thanks , my best out there." 

"Are you nervous for the results?" Micheal asked.

"Yeah , little bit."

"We have the results now." Calum said.

"It was a hard decision but there could only be one." Niall said.

"Our winning is Anna!" Niall and Calum said in unison.

"YES! I screamed, 

"NO!"Louis yelled.

"Do you have any word to say?" Ashton said.

"Yeah. This going to the best two week for you Louis " I said smirking.


DONT HATE ME. Okay maybe hate me a little. I'm sorry for what I did. I should have finsh writing this earlier. Im sorry. I WILL write now I promise. Stay Strong beautifuls   





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