Who am I?

The world your living in now is all a lie. The fairy tales and myth are real you know?
How do I know? Well let's just say I'm part of it and so are my friends. And we watching for you well actually I next to you. BOO!

Anna is a "normal" girl. Well that what she thought until she finds the truth of the world and who she really is.


2. 1

"Dad?" I said walking into the kitchen. I saw the note on the fridge .

 I  had to work early today sorry sweetheart.

 Have fun today. I know it your lasts of school.

 Enjoy it cause it's your last until

 College anyways I'll be home by

 4:33 no parties bye

       Love you lots dad

Right dad went to work. Whatever he does that every time I swear. Last day if school great. I'm graduating tomorrow. Maybe he actually be there. But I have my doubts he works in some big business.


I got my breakfast ready went to school.

•Later that day•

Fuck you fuck everyone of you I hate all of you is all I thought all day. Let me just say I going to hate every single one of them I swear. Until I leave.

*bell ranged*

HELL YEAH I said grabbing my bag and leaving finally done with ALL this bullshit. I went towards my car and got in and drove to Starbucks. Hey long day I deserve a treat right? Plus it will help me stay up for a while.

I got my drink and left towards my house. I was almost there when I realized the door was wide open. I stopped two or three houses away and called Jaylen.

(J - Jaylen A-Anna)

J- "Hey Anna"

A- "Hi,"I said shaking a bit.

J-"What's wrong Anna? Are you okay?"

A- "Bro, I think someone broke in my house. I was almost home when I noticed the door wide open so I stopped two or three houses away from the place just incase. And I'm scared man."

J- "I'll be right there stay there please don't get in trouble."

A- "Fine but hurry"

* end of conversation*

Holy shit I have to go pee now fuck. Hurry jaylen I'm fucking counting on -

*Knocks on window*

"Shit" I said and put my window down.

"Hey I didn't mean to scared you Anna." He said

"Whatever now come on let explore my house." I said, getting out of my car. I walk near him I see my door have three big scratch marks on them.

Oh hell no something hell of a lot big coming here is it. I'm about to pee my pants I swear.

"Um,  Jaylen" I said.

"What" he said looking around the place which by the way is trashed.

"I have to pee." I said. Let go to the bathroom than. He said

We walked around the corner and saw it was trashed but still working good I thought.

"Um I'll hurry" I said. I close the door and quickly pee and flushed the toilet and wash my hands. And walked out of the bathroom.

But jaylen was no where to be seen. 

"JAYLEN" I said than whisper jaylen? Shit I started to freak out. Pull your shit together Anna I thought I walked towards met room the only door closed I slowly stayed to open it....












"BOOOO!! Aaaaaahhhghhh!!!!! "I said "fuck you Jaylen."

"You would if you could and also everything seem to be trashed but no one here so it fine." He said. 

"Hahaha and ok than help me clean this place please" I said giving him the puppy's eyes.

"Sometimes I hate you know?" He said

"But you love me I said.

"Yeah yeah he said picking stuff up. I'll be back I have to bring my car here" I said.

"Ok be safe sure I will "I said waking out.

I had this weird feeling I'm being watch you know? I got in my car and drove to my house. I see jaylen picking something up and staring at it. I got out of my car and quickly walk inside.

"Whatcha looking at?"

"An old photo of us when we were younger. see." he said. I look at it than sang forever young I want to be forever young. I said looking at him and made him smile. That the song we used to sing when we were little.

We starts to clean more jaylen fixed the door we were about done. Jaylen was about to leave when I asked "Can you stay here please I don't want to be alone right now after what happen. "

"Sure" he said sitting back down. I start to cuddle him and he turned on the tv. After a while I fell asleep.

I had some crazy dream. Niall from one direction band was telling me to run away but jaylen was fighting this thing and Ashton from 5sos drag me away as I saw jaylen get hurt. But I couldn't run towards him cause I was being dragged away. I worked up everything was dark and jaylen was still there sleeping. He looks cute sleeping I might add. I fell back asleep. And woke up on my bed jaylen was gone he left a note saying he went home. He'll text or might just come back.



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