I am having a bad day. True story.



1. I can't do anything right. cussing warning.

So Today my friend said they were having a horrible day, mostly because their girlfriend was being suicidal, and tell she apparently hated him the next day for trying to comfort her last night. 


He has told me many stories about her lying to him, being unkind to him, using her sister to give hi massages that she hated him. so today he sends me a message saying this "Can I bleed?" And i say no,.


Now last night I was having a horrible problem with depression, and it went a bit to far. He helped me not cut or doing nay harm to myself, pretty much by pissing me off by spamming my phone with some stupid ass thing. 

I am done with people all together. So he kept saying "But I need it, if you coped with it then I should" And I of course told him no. And so now i am just pissed. i know i need help. but my family is poor. Not dirt poor, but fucking damn close. I am so done with everyone. I just wnat people to stop being assholes. Normally I am totally okay with comforting people, but toda i can't do it. I am just so done. I am on my period, yeah i know TMI what the fuck ever. And i am so pissed at everying i just want to cry.


Yes most of this will be miss spelled and stuff, but I don't care. It is pretty much a rant. 

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