Daddy's Girl—>C.H.

I live in fear. I live in a world where almost everything goes wrong almost every day. I don't have anyone to help me with my troubles. I don't have a mom or dad that I can tell anything to. I don't have that many friends but I'm just thankful that I have the ones I have.
My name is Jade Amber Hood, daughter of the legendary bassist from 5 seconds of Summer.
I don't mind being his daughter cause nobody knows that I even exist. My mom claims that she's told him but I highly doubt it but at the same time, I believe her and her stories. I don't have that good relationship with my mom not will I ever.
I have some friends but not many. They slowly take away the fear that I'm living in. They try to help me with my troubles but it's hard for them cause none of them have a drug dealing mother and famous father that probably doesn't even know they exist. Jayden is one, Ronnie is another, Noah is the dealer and Owen is the stupid one.
Jayden- short, long light ash brown hair, blue eyes, tan, acts like a goodie goodie but really she's the complete opposite, she's the best when it comes to parties
Ronnie- she's average height, dyed red/purplish hair, light green eyes, little more than pale, she is bad, always has a bag of some type of drugs in her purse
Noah- black hair, gray eyes, white, the drug dealer(that's all I'm gonna say about him)
Owen- dark brown/almost black hair, dark eyes, really sweet guy but he can get crazy when he doesn't get his way, was in love with me before...try imagining what he did.
(I'll give you a hint: he likes to carry his gun, and his favorite past-time is sharpening a knife)
Me-I had black wavy hair until I dyed it, now it's barely black because of the ombre I got, I've got my dad's nose, I'm a goodie goodie gone bad pretty much. I like video games, food, sleeping, being with my friends. I'm like every other teenage girl. Alright, enough about me.....


5. Chapter 4

We pull into the drive way. Luckily, I had my key. He follows me around the corner to a bunch of cop cars. There is police tape and everything. It looks like a freakin crime scene.

"Oh my god...." I say for only myself to hear. I start to walk up to the nearest police man.

"Maybe I should come." He says and I turn on my heel.

"Ummm. Do you think would be a good idea?" Before he had time to answer me, I turned back to the officer.

"Hold on ma'am. You can't walk through here." He holds his arm out infront of me.

"Oh I'm sorry, but umm, this is my house. So could I get my stuff and leave with my....." I catch myself before I could say dad. I point at Calum."Him."

"Who owned this apartment?"

"Charlotte Rose Libbon."

"Who's her daughter?"

"Uh, me?! Jade Amber Hood!" He let his arm fall to his side. I look at Calum.

"You can come if you want." I motion him forward. He follows me inside. Surprisingly, no cops were inside. He looks around with this surprised face.

"Well, it isn't much but make yourself at home." He follows me down the hallway to my room.

"It isn't big but trust me, there is a lot of stuff." He doesn't acknowledge what I said. He instead goes straight to my guitar. He takes it off the stand and sits down on my bed. He starts to play it, constantly tuning it to get the right notes.

"How long have you been playing?" I throw the clothes that I had taken off of my hangers and threw them into a box labeled clothes. This lady from the police station gave me free boxes and been labeled them, I didn't need her help.

"Since I was small. I played and sang to random songs, even some of yours" I said the last part quietly so he wouldn't hear which didn't work. His head jerked my way in an instant with a smile on his face"to help me cope with mom being a drug addict and all. But I never got to play long cause she would always come in the room with......that damn wooden spoon."

"Wait....she would beat you?!" He stood so quick my eyes couldn't keep up but he set my guitar lightly on my bed. I shook my head. I get up and continue putting clothes into the box.

"But it's over and done with. She's dead and all my memories are just gonna die with her, she never took care of me. I took care of her. That woman put so much stress on my shoulders and I didn't/don't know how to cope with it still to this day."

"Did.......did she say anything about me." I look at him wide-eyed but he didn't see since he was putting my xbox, playstation 4 and video games into the electronics box. Ahhh, the beauty of having a job and friends who literally bought me my playstation 4 for my birthday. The money came small but saving it was totally worth every penny.

"Actually....she did but not much. She would tell me small things about you and her hanging out and stuff like that. And then you guys broke up like every other break up that happens on this planet. Bad thing was that she didn't know that she was almost 6 months pregnant. I was one of those babies that sit under your ribcage. Then she told me she told you that she had me when I knew she didn't. Then as I got older, she would tell me awful things about you."

"Like what?"

"Like how you dumped her for money and fame and junk like that." I fold the box and next thing is shoes. I don't have a bunch, mostly vans and nike shoes, just mostly sneakers and boots.

"Actually, let me get these facts straight." I smile, can't wait to hear this.

"Your mother dumped me because I was going on tour for 6 months. And then we got back together again. That's when I saw your mother and her old friend in our bedroom. I moved out and never spoke to your mother again." I swear I heard his heart break like mine did but it was a smaller sound, like his heart was already broken before.

"She NEVER EVER told me that she was pregnant....ever. If she did, I would of taken you away from here years ago. I'm happy she didn't though."

"What?! Why?!"

"Cause you have great friends here, that old cop guy.....yeah, uhh...he told me what you guys did."

"Pretty bad ass right?"

"I gotta must of gotten that from me cause your mother was nothing like that."


"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I've seen you on tv and everything....Instagram, vine, keek, you name it. You sure do not look bad ass."

"That's not me when the camera isn't rolling."

"Well.....I'll just have to wait and see won't i?"

"You will."

" have no idea how many girls hate me cause I'm your daughter."

"Well, one day I'll have to come to your school an-"

"No! Your not coming to my school!" I hold my hand out and he looks at me blank faced.

"'s just that you'll be bombarded by so many girls, it'll be crazy."

"True." He shrugs his shoulders. He takes the boxes out of my room that are ready to go outside. Soon we finish. I walk in the room and I find him reading something. My bucket list! I walk over and snatch it out of his hand.

"Hey......" He says in most "dad" way possible.

"This is private." I fold it up and put it in my back pocket.

"You can't keep pushing me away." He says as I walk out of the room.

"Just watch me."

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