Daddy's Girl—>C.H.

I live in fear. I live in a world where almost everything goes wrong almost every day. I don't have anyone to help me with my troubles. I don't have a mom or dad that I can tell anything to. I don't have that many friends but I'm just thankful that I have the ones I have.
My name is Jade Amber Hood, daughter of the legendary bassist from 5 seconds of Summer.
I don't mind being his daughter cause nobody knows that I even exist. My mom claims that she's told him but I highly doubt it but at the same time, I believe her and her stories. I don't have that good relationship with my mom not will I ever.
I have some friends but not many. They slowly take away the fear that I'm living in. They try to help me with my troubles but it's hard for them cause none of them have a drug dealing mother and famous father that probably doesn't even know they exist. Jayden is one, Ronnie is another, Noah is the dealer and Owen is the stupid one.
Jayden- short, long light ash brown hair, blue eyes, tan, acts like a goodie goodie but really she's the complete opposite, she's the best when it comes to parties
Ronnie- she's average height, dyed red/purplish hair, light green eyes, little more than pale, she is bad, always has a bag of some type of drugs in her purse
Noah- black hair, gray eyes, white, the drug dealer(that's all I'm gonna say about him)
Owen- dark brown/almost black hair, dark eyes, really sweet guy but he can get crazy when he doesn't get his way, was in love with me before...try imagining what he did.
(I'll give you a hint: he likes to carry his gun, and his favorite past-time is sharpening a knife)
Me-I had black wavy hair until I dyed it, now it's barely black because of the ombre I got, I've got my dad's nose, I'm a goodie goodie gone bad pretty much. I like video games, food, sleeping, being with my friends. I'm like every other teenage girl. Alright, enough about me.....


13. Chapter 11

Jayden ends up leaving sadly. I walk her to the door.

"Promise me." She holds out her pinkie."Promise me that you'll actually keep in touch with me.....and come to school before it ends. Please...I need you there with me. My partner in crime. I mean Ronnie and I can't be doing the bad all by ourselves." I chuckle. My pinkie hooks around hers and we shake our hands up and down to symbol that it's never to be broke .

"We do make a pretty good team." I give her a hug. She runs down the front lawn and into her mom's car. I lean up against the door frame. Her mom waves at me and I smile, waving crazy like she was. They drive off honking their horns. Jayden leans out the window and blows me kisses. I blow them straight back. I watch her car slowly fade away into the horizon. I close the door behind me.

"Hey." I'm shaken by Michael's voice. I put my hand on my heart. He laughs. I didn't think he was awake to be honest. I didn't any of them were. Maybe they still are, but Michael isn't.

"A little heads up would be nice." He smiles and turns to the fridge.

"What...did I startle you." She makes these 'ooo' noises that you would hear a ghost say in the old time Scooby-Do shows. He takes out the orange juice and I go over to grab cups for me and him.

"Maybe....."I give him his cup."Maybe'll never know now." I make the same 'ooo' noises. He chuckles.

"Have you met Ryan yet?" How's Ryan? Why did he say yet? Am I supposed to be meeting this girl? Why haven't I heard about her before?

"Who's Ryan?" Michael's face blushes and starts fast walks to the stairs.

"Did you hear that I think someone's calling me." His hand gets on the railing and I grab his arm.

"I'm not falling for the oldest trick in the book. Now tell me who this Ryan is?!" I stomp my foot to show I'm serious. He doesn't budge. "She seems important. Like how you said 'yet', like I'm supposed to know who she I'm supposed to meet her."

"Alright, alright! Just stop interrogating me!" He yells like a little school girl.

"Then tell me who she is!"

"She is..." He holds out the is.

"Who is she?!"

"Calum's girlfriend." He blurts out and bolts up the stairs before I had time to yell at him. I think I would yell at him because I'm just pissed right now. Calum not telling me he has a girlfriend is a pretty big deal to me considering the fact I don't like people keeping secrets and telling lies.

I stomp my way up the stairs to Calum's room. I open the room to find a sleeping Calum. His little snores escape his mouth even though it's closed. Maybe it's because he's sleeping on his back. I slam to door closed to wake him up. He blots up, scared out of his mind.

"Who's Ryan!" I yell at the top of my lungs. He lays back down and puts his hands over his face.

"C'mon Jade...not now."

"No! You wanna keep secrets around me! Well this is what you get. Now tell me who this fu-....who this freaking girl is." He takes his hands off of his face.

"She's my girlfriend."

"And when did you plan on telling me this?" I step closer to his bed.

"I don't know." He says half-sleepy, half-awake.

"What was that?" I put my hand to my ear.

"I don't know." He yells at me. He looks mad but trust me...pissed is worse than mad even though they mean the same thing. Just think about it.

"Make up your freaking mind then!" He rolls his eyes and slowly sits up.

"And you don't think I've tried already?!" He yells at me, truly startling me. He looks down at his hands.

"Well obviously not cause if you did, I would of met this bitch already." He head turns towards me so quick I was kinda getting a little scared. He gets up and stands so close I can feel his hot breathe on my face.

"Don't you dare call her a fucking bitch!" He yells in my face. The tears slowly cover the bottom of my eye. He doesn't seem to notice like he did in the hospital.

"I'll call her whatever the fuck I want since I haven't even fucking thought about her. Do you ever fucking think about what I want?! No! You only think about you and me becoming best friends when honestly that may never happen since you wanna keep secrets." Luke comes running and holds Calum back.

"I fucking care and love you with all my fucking heart and this is how you repay me?! I think about you all the time, like how yesterday I didn't tell you so you wouldn't be like this. But look how that back fired!"

"And does it look like I care." Luke let's go of Calum.

"Why do you act like this?! All you do is push people who truly care about you back. You live in this place of fear and you won't let anyone fucking help you!" Calum yells at me with those daggers of words. Those ones really hurt, cause they were true.

"Well, why won't you ask me what I want." Calum sits down and puts his head in his hands. He finally looks up at me with pleading eyes.

"What do you want.....?" He says so quiet and helplessly.

"To not be here." I whisper. Luke didn't hear it but I know Calum did. His eyes turn to this helpless color that I've never seen before. His eyes told me a story. I ran out and into my room. I lock the door and I slide down it, burying my head in my knees.

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