Daddy's Girl—>C.H.

I live in fear. I live in a world where almost everything goes wrong almost every day. I don't have anyone to help me with my troubles. I don't have a mom or dad that I can tell anything to. I don't have that many friends but I'm just thankful that I have the ones I have.
My name is Jade Amber Hood, daughter of the legendary bassist from 5 seconds of Summer.
I don't mind being his daughter cause nobody knows that I even exist. My mom claims that she's told him but I highly doubt it but at the same time, I believe her and her stories. I don't have that good relationship with my mom not will I ever.
I have some friends but not many. They slowly take away the fear that I'm living in. They try to help me with my troubles but it's hard for them cause none of them have a drug dealing mother and famous father that probably doesn't even know they exist. Jayden is one, Ronnie is another, Noah is the dealer and Owen is the stupid one.
Jayden- short, long light ash brown hair, blue eyes, tan, acts like a goodie goodie but really she's the complete opposite, she's the best when it comes to parties
Ronnie- she's average height, dyed red/purplish hair, light green eyes, little more than pale, she is bad, always has a bag of some type of drugs in her purse
Noah- black hair, gray eyes, white, the drug dealer(that's all I'm gonna say about him)
Owen- dark brown/almost black hair, dark eyes, really sweet guy but he can get crazy when he doesn't get his way, was in love with me before...try imagining what he did.
(I'll give you a hint: he likes to carry his gun, and his favorite past-time is sharpening a knife)
Me-I had black wavy hair until I dyed it, now it's barely black because of the ombre I got, I've got my dad's nose, I'm a goodie goodie gone bad pretty much. I like video games, food, sleeping, being with my friends. I'm like every other teenage girl. Alright, enough about me.....


2. Chapter 1

I sit on my bed, looking out of window at the plane flying by. I think about what it would be like to do that, to fly in the sky and look down at the states. What would they look like? Could you see people? So many things run through my mind. I get up and walk to my dresser. I grab the paper titled "Bucket List" and I sit back down on the edge of my bed. I scan through the wishes to see if flying in an airplane is on there. To my surprise it wasn't. I immediately grab my red pen and write down, fly in an airplane.

I go to but the paper back, when my phone rings. It's Ronnie. I immediately answer.

"Hello?" She always thinks my mom has my phone cause "apparently" I'm never on my phone anymore.

"It's me Ron."

"Ohh...." She tries to hind in her laughs.

"Yeah....."I stand up and I walk to my door to look around and see if my mom's around. I put Ronnie on speaker.

"Are we good for tonight?" Ronnie's laughs stop dead on.

"Of coarse we are!" I smile.

"Have you told your mom?"

"No but why would she care. All she's gonna do is sit on the couch and smoke another joint."

"True, well hurry up baby girl...we're all here waiting for you. We're behind the school."

"I'll be there in like 10 minutes."

"See you then baby girl."


"Bye." I hear her yell at the boys and I hang up. I grab my coat and open my door. The hallway smells like she's smoking now. I roll my eyes and walk into the living room. I'm scared than someone will smell her joint and call the cops. This apartment isn't as big as it seems.

"Mom!" I yell at her and she slowly lifts her head up, barely acknowledging that I'm even there.


"I'm leaving to see everybody." She doesn't do anything. I grab the joint and I throw it out from the balcony. Her head immediately jerks up and she to be honest looks seriously pissed.

"Now listen to me! I'm going to the school with Ronnie, Jayden, Owen and Noah." She puts her head back down and I walk to the kitchen. I grab a piece of paper and pen. I write a note to her saying where in going so she atleast knows that in not dead. I head for the door. I open it up. Right before I walk outside into the cool summer air, I turn around with my hand still on the knob.

"And stop doing that crap here! Someone's gonna notice your smoking and crap and your gonna go to jail again." If she keeps doing that, she's gonna be in some deep shit.

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