The day 1D split

Welcome to crazy town population 3


7. 7.7

Louis's pov:

Just then it was like fog was lifted from my eyes and I could see Niall. Or at least I thought I was looking at him. I was about to ask Niall if he was okay because he was staring off in to distance. Thew before i could Harry started to scream at him again.  What is going on? What was Harry screaming at Niall?  Why were the lads letting him do this? It started to get to the point were I couldn't take this any more. "What is going on here? I wan't awansers and now!!!!" Liam, Harry, and Zayn all looked at me sad.

Zayn looked down at the ground. He had tears in their eyes now. He turned to me and said, "That night when Sammy and Niall broke up he died. He was siting on the water tower where they had their first kiss and he was shot and fell off the tower. Right before he died he made us promise not to tell you about this. He said he could't stand it if you were up set. We called the ambulance as Sammy held on to Niall's dyeing body. When they rushed him to the ICU and brought him in for sergury he didn't make it."

Zayn fell to the ground in a fit of tears. "I'm so sorry we never told you louis we just didn't want you to get hurt." I stood their shocked with tears in my eyes. No this couldn't be Niall couldn't be dead. He was to nice and sweet. He never did anything wrong let alone make any one cry. He always had to find a way to make some one happy. How could he be happy now. I turned back to Niall. "Zayn he's standing right their." "We see that but we don't know if that's really him." 

I ran up to Niall and hugged him. Unable to bare the news I said through my tears. "Come on Niall show them that their wrong. Show them that you okay. Show them that their all wrong. Please Niall just come back to us. I don't care any more if the band brakes up right now I just want my best friend back!"

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