The day 1D split

Welcome to crazy town population 3


5. 5.5

Zayn's pov: Am I really looking at Niall?! No I couldn't be he's dead. We minus Louis were all their when it happened. Me, Sammy, Harry, and Liam all heard the gun shot. We all saw him fall. So how could he be here now. I carfully walked/ran up to him. The lads watching me. I knew the lads were to scared to do this. When i started to cry it was my sign to the lads it was him. He was really here with us.

When i walked over to the lads i saw their worried faces. "It's really him. Go up and hug him you'll see." I whispered into their ears. They both gave me a strange look."What if that really isn't him?!" Liam screamed at me. I opeaned my mouth to talk but Louis cut me off. "Guy's what are you doing?" I just ignored him and looked back to Liam. Only ounce again I was cut off. This time by Harry. "What if it is really Niall. If we don't take a chance and trust Zayn we may never know. Do you really want to spend thecrest of your life wondering?" I smiled at harry as he stood pround knowing he must be right about something.

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