The day 1D split

Welcome to crazy town population 3


2. 2.2

Harry's pov: He really didn't know about that night on the water tower. Or about his words to Sammy. Sammy it's been so long since we last saw her let alone heared from her. O let's not forget about how Niall's life rested in the hands of the doctors at the hosptial. I guess since he didn't know about Niall it wouldn't be wise to bring him up. It's not like I could say, " Their is no 1D if you don't have Niall Horan." That woulf just lead to questions. Then I would have to tell Louis about how Niall died that day.

I knew he was waiting for someone to say something. "I left because I felt it was time for a change." Itvwas lie and new Louis could tell. So this time I hoped he didn't. Louis staredme down before turing to Liam. "Well then why do you want to leave the band?"

Crap Louis had them cornered. Unless they could come up with an excuse Louis was sure to find out that Niall was gone. It would be going against what we all told Niall before he left. We all knew if Louis found out it would brake his heart.

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