Bittersweet Tragedy

~Teen Wolf~ At the age of 13 an orphan,Abby Smith,was dragged into the world of the unknown.She didn't mean to get dragged into it,but watching a very big wolf run lose through the town of Beacon Hills,lead her to asking some really strange questions,in which only one man had all the answers,Derek Hale.She was placed into Eichen House after telling a few people what she saw.Almost two years later,Derek takes Abby under his wing and taught her things,most humans wouldn't know.Derek used his late mother's name to adopt Abby as his younger sister,to which she was happy with.(on Quotev too)I own none of Teen Wolf,I only own Abby Smith.


1. ☼Prologue☼

Abby Smith was dropped off at the Beacon Hills Police Station October 8,1998,exactly six months after she had been born with nothing but a purple blanket and a necklace.Abby wasn't placed in an orphanage,she was passed around to each police,to take care of.Someone took her home,after the shift ended.She didn't enjoy it,but she liked t think one of them will finally take her in as their own,but they never did.By time she was 13 she knew who got her and where she slept,she knew who to go to for money to get food and drinks.She went shopping with the wives of the police or the sisters,depending on the age.She stopped speaking when Claudia Stilinski,died when she was six.Claudia was really the only one who ever took her shopping for clothes or shoes,but that stopped quickly.


►Abby Smith-Portrayed By:Chloë Grace Moretz◄

►Derek Hale-Portrayed By:Tyler Hoechilin◄

►Scott McCall-Portrayed By:Tyler Posey◄

►Stiles Stilinski-Portrayed By:Dylan O'Brien◄

►Lydia Martin-Portrayed By:Holland Roden◄

►Allison Argent-portrayd By Crystal Reed◄

►Issac Lahey-Portrayed By:Daniel Sharman◄

►Ethan and Aiden-Portrayed By:Max and Charlie Carver◄

►Malia Tate-Portrayed By:Shelley Hennig◄

►Kira Yukimura-Portrayed By:Arden Cho◄

►Peter Hale-Portrayed By:Ian Bohen◄

►Sheriff Stilinski-Portrayed By:Linden Ashby◄

►Melissa McCall-Portrayed By Melissa Ponzio◄

►Rafael McCall-Portrayed By:Matthew Del Negro◄

►Chris Argent-Portrayed By:J.R Bourne◄

►Danny Mahealani-Portrayed By:Keahu Kahuanui◄

►Liam Dunbar-Portrayed By:Dylan Sprayberry◄

►Garrett -Potrayed By:Mason Dye◄

►Violet -Portrayed By:Samantha Logan◄

►Kate Argent-Portrayed By:Jill Wagner◄

►Braeden -Portrayed By:Meagan Tandy◄

►Meredith Walker-Portrayed By:Maya Eshet◄

►Marin Morrell-Portrayed By:Bianca Lawson◄

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