Bittersweet Tragedy

~Teen Wolf~ At the age of 13 an orphan,Abby Smith,was dragged into the world of the unknown.She didn't mean to get dragged into it,but watching a very big wolf run lose through the town of Beacon Hills,lead her to asking some really strange questions,in which only one man had all the answers,Derek Hale.She was placed into Eichen House after telling a few people what she saw.Almost two years later,Derek takes Abby under his wing and taught her things,most humans wouldn't know.Derek used his late mother's name to adopt Abby as his younger sister,to which she was happy with.(on Quotev too)I own none of Teen Wolf,I only own Abby Smith.


2. ∞Chapter One∞


♣Dragged Into It All♣

♦Abby Smith♦

       I sighed as the bell rung,I could leave now.I walked to my locker in order to grab my coat and my scarf,before leaving.I followed a few people on to the bus taking the usual seat behind the bus driver,by a first grader."Hi Abby,station today?"I nodded."Yeah,Officer Miles has late shift tonight."The driver nodded and began greeting everyone who got on.

        "I'm gonna go to the store."I called pulling on my coat."We need milk."I nodded and made a mental list before walking out of the house and down the road.Once in the store I walked straight to the dairy happy to have a coat.I grabbed everything I wanted/needed and went to checkout."Hello!"I yelled."Anyone here?!"I looked over the counter once noticing the print on the belt.My eyes widen and I let out a scream,blood poured from the mouth of the worker.I heard a growl and turned around coming face-to-face with a huge wolf.I let out another scream louder than the first one and it howled back before running off.I slid down the check out and cried,before pulling out my phone and dialing Sheriff.

        I made a growling noise."I'm serious.It was a huge wolf.Black with red eyes!When I screamed it howled instead of ripping me to pieces like it did to that guy!"I screamed placing my hands over my face."Okay,Abby,have Stiles take you back to the station."I whined before walking over to Stiles."Can you take me to the station?"I asked not looking up."Yeah.What'd you tell them." "The truth.A huge fucking wolf with red eyes filled with murder howled at me instead of ripping my vocal chords out through my rib cage."I said."Hey,language." "Like you care."I growled getting in his car.

        "Hi."I looked up to see a man.His hands were in the pockets of his leather jacket."May I help you?"I asked placing the pen down."Can I speak to an adult?" "No.Need help?You get me or the spazztastic sixteen year old with a bat."I smiled sarcastically and he nodded."Umm,I'm looking for Abby." "I am her." "Really,I thought you were five." "May I help you?"I growled out."No,nevermind.I just wanted to say sorry.You shouldn't have been dragged into it all."I stared at him underbelly confused."What do you mean." "About the wolf." "No one believes me soo."He nodded."No believed me when I told them my house burnt down because of a sociopath ex-girlfriend,but oh well."I shrugged."Nice to meet you."He nodded and left.I let out a tiny scream and ran my hands over my face."You need sleep." "I need normal people."I responded looking at Stiles.

        Two hours later I was back at Officer Miles' house,laying in the guest bedroom.I hadn't bothered changing into pajamas,I just took off my skirt and laid in my tights and shirt,I mean,it's comfy right."Today On Beacon News,13 year old orphan,Abby Smith,was attacked at a local grocery store.Sources say she's fine,others say she's crazy.You'll find out after this."I groaned and shoved my head in my pillow before flicking the channel to Disney,simpler to watch then people saying I'm crazy.

        The next day,I was greeted at school with words that felt like knives."Hey crazy." "Look it's wolf girl!" "Hey little orphan.How's your wolf?"I pushed pass them kicking a few and elbowing the others resulting in satisfying grunts of pain.I stopped at my locker and removed my coat and scarf.I didn't get much sleep last night,I kept thinking about the dude.What he said stood out,and repeated so many times last night."So Abby,a you serious?"I rolled my eyes."I was telling the truth." "You're just an orphan,looking for attention." "So what!What if I was.What is so bad about it.What if you had grown up like me.You don't know anything."I slammed my locker and slid on my coat.They won't miss me.

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