Mix It Up (5SOS/1D Fanfiction)

(Story told in 2 P.O.V.'S) Katie and Veronica are opposites. Katie is the weird un-popular girl, and Veronica is the most popular girl in the school. Katie's Boyfriend is Niall Horan, and Veronica's Boyfriend is Luke Hemmings (Niall and Luke NOT famous) What happens when a mad scientist puts Katie's brain in Veronica's body, and Veronica's brain in Katie's body? Will Katie fall in love with Luke? And will Veronica fall in love with Niall?


1. Katie


Hi! My name is Katie. I live in New York. I am in my senior year at high school. I'm not very popular. I don't dress like most of the other girls, because I don't think that I look very pretty. So I wear fake glasses and never wear anything tight. My boyfriends name is Niall. We don't kiss or go on dates, the most we do is hug, and very rarely hold hands. Luke Hemmings is my bully. And this, is my side of the story.

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