Gu Family Book:Everlasting Love

This is what happens after Yeo Wool and Kang Chi meet 400 years later in modern day Seoul. 400 years before, when Yeo Wool was dying, Kang Chi had promised her that when they meet again, he'll recognize her first. That when they meet again, he'll love her first. Kang Chi recognized her right away but will Yeo Wool? Will his words mean nothing or will he still love her?


2. "Don't forget me"

Everlasting Love

"Don't Forget Me"

Kang Chi's POV

ONCE I had a love. A person that I would do everything and anything for. I would wait for her for an eternity if I had too. Her name was Yeo Wool. Dam Yeo Wool. She was the most precious thing to me in my whole life and the first thing that I could call mine. But one day something really bad happened. She took a bullet for me and died saving my life. That day, before she passed away, I had promised, "When we meet again, I'll recognize you first. When we meet again, I'll love her first." And I stuck to that word. In fact I never forgot her face and I never stopped loving her.


It was modern day Seoul, four hundred years after Yeo Wool died, and that's when I saw the exact replica of Yeo Wool standing in front of me with a gun pointed at me. I was so curious and had to know if she was the reincarnation of Yeo Wool.

"Yeo Wool?" I asked and I could feel the tears coming to my eyes.

"Yes..." She paused eyeing me suspiciously. "How do you know my name? Do you know me?" She inquired looking me in the eye but I could see her straining as if I was a distant memory. I had hope.

It was Yeo WooI. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that it was her. My first love. I had met Dam Yeo Wool again who I never forgot for a second.

Yeo Wool's POV

A boy stood in front of me. He looked at me for a really long time. Then all of a sudden he asked me if I was Yeo Wool. A boy I didn't even know asked me like he knew me. I told him that I was. I asked him how he knows my name and if he knows me. The bot had tears in his eyes and I didn't know why and the he smiled. He has known me, but how? I must be mistaken. How could he know me? We haven't even seen each other before. But then again, how does he know my name?


I had a distant memory. It was when "I" was dying. Before I had died, that's and boy told me that when we meet again he'll recognize me first. That when we meet again he'll love me first. That's when I realized that the boy standing in front of me is Kang Chi. Choi Kang Chi.

"Kang Chi?" I asked.

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