The Missing

Elizabeth Warren wasn't a typical eighteen year old girl. Mostly because she was always at home and always studying for the SAT's for two years straight. She doesn't hang around many people, only having two true friends, because of a nasty rumor. She's dead set on leaving the small town of Lake Claire, Nebraska. Even if it is because her father wants her to fulfill the wish and life he couldn't, that is until she meets Zak Pierce, the dreamy new addition to the 700+ population.

Zak Pierce has a history of leaving girl's in the dust... Literally. There's a dirty past that Zak is covering up. A string of disappearances that he was the key suspect in. Who is Zak Pierce, and will Elizabeth join what the police and the FBI have called The Missing?

*Warning, all places, people, or happenings are strictly of the author's imaginations. This novel is purely for entertainment and not meant to be used as a guide for actual kidnappings. *


10. Darwin's Rage

Darwin's POV


I had always hated my name, I hated the sound of it, the spelling of it, and the many ways kids found ways to change it into something mean. Lizzie called me Dweeb, and the kids at school-they called me Dorkwin. At least I knew Lizzie called me Dweeb out of love. I sat on her bed, still unmade the way she had left it a month ago. I held in my hands the picture she had in place of a computer. It was of her, holding me as a baby. The smile on her face, made anyone smile-she was finally happy to not be alone anymore. She had told me once, in this very room-when she wasn't busy living up to the crazy expectations of my father and mother, that she had felt so alone in the world, but when she found out that she was going to have a brother or sister-her life seemed a little brighter, she had more hope. She told me, that she loved the very idea of me, before I was ever thought of. She always envied the other girls who had siblings-she would study the sibling in question, and would wonder why she couldn't have one as well. She had told me that no matter what happens-that she would love me until her last breath and beyond. Hot tears splashed onto the glass, and I wept not caring who saw, or who cared. I didn't want their sympathy or their well wishes, I didn't want their pity...I wanted my sister back, I wanted to feel her presence I wanted her to hug me one last time, to kiss my forehead like she loved me as her own. But that was impossible wasn't it? She was eighteen, and I'm ten. She would have had to have me when she was eight. 


"Darwin, lunch is ready."  truthfully, I didn't feel like eating at all. But I had to at least appease my mother. She was having a horrible time with this...we all were. But dad most of all. He hadn't come out of his home office in weeks. He only came out for the funeral yesterday and now he's holed up again with his scotch. But he had found the Smith boy too, and I guess he blamed himself for all of this...its stupid really who he should be blaming is the guy who killed Lizzie and Uncle Ray. If I could I would find the guy and kill him myself.


I sat back on my computer chair and realized Lizzie and the Smith boy weren't the first-well Smith was the first boy but Lizzie unwillingly and unconsciously joined the FBI list of missing girls, called lucratively The Missing I noticed I had been on the computer for almost four hours, so I logged off and got ready for school the next morning. I then changed my clothes-when ready for bed, I called out into the hall, saying good night to my parents, doubting that my father could hear. A sudden surge of red hot anger coursed through me as I went to call out goodnight to Lizzie. Realizing too late she wasn't there. I threw a book-a book Lizzie had given me to read, it crashed with a sound much like thunder against the far wall of my room-a wall that I had previously thought was solid. The book had created a large hole in the plaster, and curious as I was went to investigate. Inside the hole was another book-this one was bound in purple leather-and looked like it had been there for at least a decade. I picked it up carefully-retrieving it from its hiding place. On the cover was an inscription-


Elizabeth Maria Warren's Diary, KEEP OUT


I opened it, and turned to the first entry, dated nine months before my birth in 2005. 


Dear Diary,

                    Today I found out that Wyatt Smith actually despises me enough to spread a ghastly rumor about me. He told the whole school-including teachers! That I had a very contagious strain of some exotic disease. I think someone said leprosy! How could someone be so cruel? Wyatt had been my best friend-and now I have only two friends, having lost the rest to Wyatt. Had I known he would do such a thing because I refused to be partners with him in Biology-because to be honest, he is as dumb as a door nail, if not more so. If anyone should find you, dear diary, I hope they find within themselves to set Wyatt Smith straight. My mother says that because he is so mean to me sometimes, its because he likes me, as in I want to kiss you. Ew, no thanks and even if Daddy allowed me to talk to boys-much less date them..again gross. I would never dream of dating Wyatt. He's a disgusting pig and now that I think of it, he's a cheat-he copies all my assignments and everyday, the teachers are left dumbfounded that he's passing. He even cheats off my tests! He bought his way into the school-I just know he did, his father is the CEO of my father's office and we're only friends because of them. Well on to more exciting news! Mommy is pregnant! Oh how I have dreamed of having a sibling of my own. I hate being lonely and friends can only fill that loneliness so much. Only a brother or sister are your companions throughout life and hardships! I was so ever envious of Marie, she has two, TWO younger brothers, and they are just adorable. Marie says that I don't have to live with them and that's why they're adorable to me and everyone else. She tells me they are complete devils when she's alone with them. I don't believe her though. A sibling can't be THAT bad, right? Well anyway, goodnight-daddy is coming to say goodnight.

Love, Lizzie Warren.


I closed the diary and put it away, on the top most shelf of my book case. I crawled into bed, thinking of what Lizzie had written, and I wondered why she hid it in that wall. I shut my eyes and fell asleep. Tears still in my eyes, and wondered, would anyone remember Lizzie and Wyatt?


Agent Tindall's POV


I unboarded the plane in Canada and found Agent Victor waiting for me, a sign displaying my name not very subtlety in the main lobby. My suitcase in hand I waved to her and she smiled, despite the circumstance in which I was in her country. When I was close enough for her to talk to me without yelling she welcomed me formally,



"Welcome Agent Tindall to Canada. I'm sorry that its under these horrid circumstances. As you probably have guessed, I'm Agent Victoria Anderson, Agent Victor for short." 


"Pleased to meet you Agent. Why Agent Victor?"


"Sounds more serious and something criminals will more afraid of I suppose. It so happens criminals don't respect a woman with a badge without a masculine name to go with it."


"Well by the sounds of it they're quite stupid." 


"Well they're criminals, they had to be stupid already to break the law, wouldn't you say?"


"Yes, I suppose you're right." Agent Victor turned on her heel, bidding me to follow her. She was like none other I had met on my travels. She absolutely beautiful, and here I was thinking she'd be middle aged, married, and well ugly. She was the complete opposite. Her long ebony hair cascaded down her back in waves, her big brown eyes were wide and mysterious, as if she was trying to gather information about you without even speaking, they were speculating, wondrous, and hopeful. Her pale skin wasn't sickly looking but was a perfect shade of ivory. She was tall, but not tall enough to make him jealous and make her gawky. She was thin, but most field agents were, she looked like she had a secret, and I was determined to find out about it.


"Are you going to gawk at me all day, or are you going to follow?" Agent Victor asked her hands on her hips. "Well? This monster isn't going to catch itself." she continued.


"I'm coming don't worry." I said laughing. "I wasn't gawking." I said, defending myself. She just rolled those beautiful quizzical eyes. Was I falling in love? Sure I had joked around at the office telling them maybe this was predestined, that Agent Victor was the girl for me...but I hadn't meant it, until I met her. Love at first sight-was it real?


"So, what do you know about this guy?" she asked, as she hit the down button on the elevator. 


"He isn't very old, maybe late teens, early twenties. He comes from a well to do family, that mysteriously disappeared five years ago, when the disappearances began. He has at least twenty different aliases that the FBI knows about...and he has access to large sums of money."


"That's only natural I suppose with a serial kidnapper. Parents don't listen and they pay the ransom. But what is his type?"


"Nothing in looks, just in nature. The girls that taken are studious, nerdy, they keep to themselves out of habit or necessity, usually girls that will be missed in a few hours rather than a few days or weeks. He likes the high of almost getting caught."


"So he's a narcissistic prick."


"Yes for a lack of a better word he's prick."


"Do we know his real name?"


"No. Unfortunately, the well to do family had two sons, both fit the description. I haven't found the other son to rule him out. So its either Tommy Chapenelle or Cody Chapenelle."


"Wait as in Chapenelle Cosmetics?" Agent Victor asked. "You can't be serious...if the CEO of Chapenelle is dead, who is running the company?"


"Good point...I'll call around and get some guys to go and see. Once we find which son took over the company we'll have our killer. Nice work." I said and took out my phone...I called my partner and told him to check into the Chapenelle company. "He'll call me back when he finds something. In the meantime let's go set up."


"Okay. Follow me." I followed her to her car, and didn't question her when we started driving. "So, how long have you been FBI?"


"Ten years. I started when I was eighteen, graduated from the academy early-got a job in Tallahassee and was transferred to Milwaukee five years later."


"You're a special agent, and you're only twenty eight?"


"Yes." I didn't delve into it. She didn't need to know how. Just that it was true. In a way the silence that filled the car after my short response was comfortable, like we didn't need to talk to make it seem like we weren't strangers or that the silence made us feel uncomfortable. She parked on the street in front of a building that looked like it was from a Shakespearean way was this a Headquarters for government officials. The outer face of the building was white, almost like marble, and the steps were definitely marble. The doors from a distance were dark, and looked almost black. It was magnificent. 


"Oldest building in the city. Interpol won it in an auction last summer."


"Its amazing."


"Thank you. I guess. Come on we've got people to meet." Agent Victor got out of the car and I had no choice but to follow. I wondered then, if Lizzie's brother was alright, the last time I saw him he was an angry little kid at her funeral kicking rocks...God I hope he's taking this alright.


Darwin's POV:


I sat on the curb outside of my house, tired of the fighting. Lizzie had been dead for almost a year and the town had moved on. I couldn't bring myself to do so, I had lost my best friend and nobody seemed to understand. Especially my parents. They were constantly fighting-as was natural after the death of a child. I was tired of it, I wanted it to end...the sky rumbled and I sighed-it seemed Mother Nature didn't want me to have peace and quiet. I got up and went inside reluctantly, looking at the house next door--where Lizzie had fallen under Zac's spell. Where I had stupidly befriended him. I kicked a stone and opened the front door. The screams from the kitchen alerted me to enter,


"Mom! Dad! Stop it! Please stop it, Lizzie wouldn't have wanted this!" the two stopped mid-scream and stared at their remaining child, me. "Please, I don't need this, you don't need this. Either get divorced or get help, because I'm done listening to the fighting!" I said, my fists clenched.


"Darwin..." his mother started,


"No. I get that you found Lizzie. I get that he found Wyatt. Okay I get that she was your first born but I'm here, but I'm hurting too. I lost my best friend. I lost the only person who understood me! Please stop fighting and focus on the person who did this! Zac Pierce is still out there and not only did he kill Lizzie, but he killed Wyatt and Uncle Ray. He has a whole list of missing people dedicated to him! No one survives Zac Pierce when he sets his eyes on them." I said angrily.


"Darwin we never wanted to hurt you."


"Well you did dad." I snapped and walked out of the kitchen. Silence followed me.

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