Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


1. The Case of the Missing Pie

"(Y/N)! Open up!"

The shout was accompanied by loud pounding at your door. You squeezed your eyes shut and pulled the pillow over your head. The pounding and shouting continued and you sighed loudly. Glancing at the alarm clock, you threw off your sheets and stormed toward the door.

You flung open the door and snapped, "What, Dean?"

"Where's my pie!" The older Winchester snarled.

You stared for a moment, not believing what you were hearing. You placed a hand on your hip and spoke slowly, "You woke me up at," You glanced at the clock. "Six in the morning for your goddamn pie?"

Dean nodded. "Dean, if I had my gun I'd shoot you. I don't have a clue where your pie is so thanks for waking me up." You glared at him.

He squinted at you, deciphering whether you were telling the truth or not before saying, "Sorry (Y/N) you can go back to sleep."

"Oh thank you sir for allowing me this choice." You snapped sarcastically before slamming the door.

You sighed as you stared at your bed, realizing that since you were up, you wouldn't be falling asleep anytime soon. You got dressed and managed to tame your hair before heading toward the kitchen. Sam sat hunched over his laptop, looking for another case probably. Dean was munching away on some toast. Sam looked up. "Morning (Y/N/). Dean wake you up too?"

You scowled and nodded before grabbing a box of cereal. As you poured it you said, "Dean are you sure you didn't eat your pie last night?"

"Positive. When I figure out who the son of a bitch is that took my pie I'll beat their ass."

You chuckled and sat down with your cereal. As you started to eat, the silence was ruined by a rusting of feathers. You glanced up and smiled. "Hello Cas!" You greeted.

"Hello (Y/N)." The angel nodded toward you.

"Hi Cas." Dean grumbled.

Cas glanced at you and Sam. "Deans bummed out because he can't find his pie." Sam explained.

For a moment, you swore there was a flicker of amusement in Cas's eyes, but it was gone so fast you couldn't be sure. "I'm sorry Dean." Cas said.

You caught a hint of a smile curling at the edges of his mouth. You narrowed your eyes at him. "I'm heading out to get more pie, need anything?" Dean asked, standing up.

"I'll come with you, I need to pick up some other food." Sam stood as well.

They looked at you but you shook your head. "I'll stay here with Cas." You said.

They shrugged and headed out. You waited until you heard the impala roar to life and drive off before turning to Cas. "What is it (Y/N)?" Cas tilted his head.

You smirked. "You tell me, Cas, do you know what happened to Dean's pie?"

Cas smiled. "I learned about the game of pranks humans pull on one another and stole Dean's pie."

You laughed at how proud he sounded. "You won't tell him will you, (Y/N)?" Cas asked.

You laughed. "As long as Dean doesn't keep waking me up at six then I won't tell him."

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