Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


12. Beard

You hurried through the halls of SHIELD, balancing your coffee on a stack of papers. Fury had called in the Avengers in for a meeting, early in the morning. Being an assistant for Fury, this meant you had to wake up early on what was supposed to be your day off, grab some coffee, and hurry in to deliver Fury the papers he'd given you. The smell of the coffee right below your chin tempted you to stop and drink your highly caffeinated energizer. But then you'd be late.

Which meant Fury would scold you, Maria would cast you a disappointed look, Coulson would lecture you after, and Stark would ridicule you. And that was one thing you would not deal with. So you endured and managed to at last reach the meeting room. You managed to balance the paper and your coffee as you used one hand to open the door and shoulder your way in. The Avengers were already there, as were Fury, Maria, and Coulson. You felt as though something was missing but couldn't place it, so you shrugged it off as your sleep deprived mind playing tricks on you.

"Your papers sir." You said and held out the paper to Fury. 

"Is that my coffee?" He asked, raising his eyebrows at the drink balamced precariously on the stack.

"No sir, I had to stop and get coffee on my way here. It's my day off and I usually sleep in." You said, embarrassed.

Fury nodded and lifted the cup in one hand, and grabbed the papers in his other. He handed you your coffee and a sigh of relief left you. Greedily, you took a gulp of the warm liquid. "I'm feeling better already." You chirped.

"Thank you for the papers on such a short notice, (Y/N), you may leave now." Fury said and turned to address the Avengers.

"Where's America's Golden Boy?" Tony spoke up.

Steve, that's what was missing. Or more, who. You turned, attempting to escape before you were called on to find him, but found yourself running into a solid wall and spilling your coffee. It splashed back and covered your white shirt. A loud whine of defeat left you as you looked up to see what you had run into. If you had still been holding your coffee, you would've dropped it. "(Y/N)! Oh god I'm sorry! I'll give you some money to buy a new coffee. How much was it?" 

There stood Captain Star Spangled Banner, shuffling through his wallet. Your jaw hung open as you slowly turned to the others. "Am I hallucinating?" You whispered.

Thor's laugh boomed through the room and Natasha shook her head. "He's been growing it out lately." Bruce said.

"What?" Steve asked.

You turned to face him and placed a hand on his cheek. You slowly ran it down and through the short hair that had accumulated on his face. A blush crossed his face. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"Oh my god. It's real." You breathed.

Being as busy as you were, you hadn't noticed that Steve Rogers, Captain America, had grown a beard. You shook your head. "Wow." You muttered.

"Does it look bad?" Steve asked, worry in his eyes.

"No, it looks great, I just... I didn't think Captain America could grow a beard." You smiled.

Tony hooted and Steve frowned. You patted his chest and left the room, coffee forgotten.


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