Fandom One Shots

A collection of one shots from different fandoms I'll be writing. Feel free to hit up the comments with suggestions. Bands and actors are welcome.


2. A Little Clumsy

You stood before the small diner, dreading to walk in after what had happened yesterday. About two months ago you had stood in the same spot with your mind set on one goal. However, the oomph that your plan had originally built up that day was now quickly diminishing. Your plan was to walk inside the diner you had become a regular at and talk to the chef that had acquired your affections.

Benny Lafitte, a man with a deep bayou drawl and eyes as blue as an ocean. When you had finally managed to walk inside, the moment you started to speak your plan had went downhill. The words came out wrong and he'd gotten the impressions that you wanted a job at the diner. You'd decided to take the offer after you'd thought about it. A job where you got to be around Benny couldn't be that bad you'd thought.

That's what you thought until you learned that being around Benny made you clumsy. Always flustered even when he wasn't looking, you managed to drop numerous plates, utensils, glasses, everything that came in contact with your hands. Then Benny would come out and help you, being the sweetie that he is. But that would make it worse. You'd stumble over excuses and apologies and you'd swear your face would turn as red as a cherry.

Well yesterday, low and behold, you'd managed to spill a drink right onto the lap over a very attractive lady. Apologizing and immediately running to grab towels, you hadn't expected for Benny to reach her first and start patting her down casually. She'd smiled and flirted as he cleaned her and he'd flirted right back. Hurt and stunned, you'd stood there holding towels like a fool, trying to hold back tears as he made his way back.

The large man had caught your expression and asked what was wrong. It was in that moment that you knew you'd never have Benny. You'd had two months, even longer than that actually, to win him over but you'd chicken out every time. That was what you were going to keep doing, you knew. As tears fell down your face, you had ran from the diner.

Of course the diner was your only job so you had to come back. 'Maybe I'll quit today, if I don't chicken out on that too.' You thought scornfully.

You entered the diner with your head down and had set to work waiting on tables. You weren't as clumsy today, you noticed.

By the end of the day, as the diner was closing and you and Benny were the only ones left, you had managed to drop only one plate. You cleaned the tables and desperately tried to ignore the gaze you felt on your back. "(Y/N), how're you doin', hun?" Benny's deep voice rolled over you.

"I-I'm fine, sir." You whispered.

"I didn't quite catch that." He murmured in your ear.

You leaped, clutching the rag tightly as you realized he was standing right behind you. "I'm f-fine!" You squeaked out.

He stared at you calmly and placed a large hand on your shoulder. "What happened yesterday, (Y/N)?" He murmured softly.

You gulped. "I-I just..."

Oh great, you were gonna chicken out here too, right? The perfect chance to tell him and you'd blow it. "Ya know, suga, you can tell me anything." Benny placed his hand on your cheek.

That's all it took. A quiet encouragement and a warm hand and you were putty. "I-I really like you Benny." You whispered so quietly you were sure he missed it.

Surprisingly, though, he smiled. "I've been waitin' to hear that." He mumbled before pressing his lips to yours in a quick kiss.

"R-really?" You breathed out.

"I've known for a while, after all, you did break a lot of things." Benny chuckled.

You frowned. "Whatever." You mumbled before pulling him in for another kiss.

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