LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


16. Chapter 14: Human

"Call her mother we can't do anything" I began coughed as I felt my flesh like burning and screams were heard as Harry was going crazy.

I felt numb. I felt two arms carrying me in fast speed. I was seeing all blurry. Some hand was stroking my cheeks. I felt drop of water on my face as some lips connected with mine. I couldn't move.

"Can you help her?"

"I know how I can help her." I heard my mother's voice as the spell started.

"Phasmes ortiek molet nu humana in the pherme cietuk sigles..." I felt my heartbeating fast as I felt blood in my nose.

"Why is she-"

"She is human now and you need to protect her. Leave with her in the morning away from here. They are looking for her and now she can't defend herself."

"I will protect her with my life Qetsiya." Qetsiya? The ancient witch. That is why some men are following me. Because I am a powerful witch.

"She can't know-" I couldn't hear she put a spell. What is she telling him that I don't know?

"Leave now for the best." I felt two arms carrying me in fast speed.

I felt alive again. This was a gift. I needed to thank my mother. Harry was willing to give up his own life for me. I couldn't let him do this. He mean something to me and I was trying to figure this feeling out. I don't want to suffer like my first love. I wish I could turn back time and forget about him.

"Forgive me..." I hear Harry's voice as I fell in a deep sleep.

It started.

"Perayla? You know I will always find you." My voice betrayed me.

"Please d-don't hurt me..." I sobbed as I felt a slap on my cheek then a punch on my stomach.

"This will be fun." He laughed.

"D-don't" As I tried to run he pushed me on the floor kissing my neck as tears were leaving my eyes.

I woke up crying and sweating as I felt two arms wrapped around me kissing my head.

"It's ok nobody's gonna hurt you I am here to protect you." I began sobbing on his chest.

" He tried to-" He nodded.

"I know baby you talked in your sleep."

"I wish I was a vam-"

"I can kill him but not now..." He pulled my chin up and wiped the tears away from my face as I smiled looking into his eyes.

"I-I love you..." I stuttered as I blushed.

"I love you too Perr..." He kisses my forehead.

"You don't know how much..." I hugged him tight.

"Come on lazy butt you need to shower..." I laughed as I punched his arm and he held me close as his nose was on mine and I smiled showing my teeths.

"I love when you smile like this and more if it is because of me." He stroke my cheek as he got close and connected our lips in a passionate and careness kiss.

My hands slowly touched his formed abs and I wrapped my legs on his waist. He squezzed my bum as he laid me on bed and began kissing slowly my neck. I felt the butterflies in my stomach as he started kissing all my face as I laughed.

"You think this is funny?" He asked joking and before I could answer he smashed his lips on my biting my bottom lip as a moan wa heard in the room.

"Harry, make love to me." I begged.

"Always..." He kisse my nose. Our legs were interwined as our chest were close. He was being too gentle and slow.

"Fast please..."

"Shh...slow is better it makes you remember how great you feel when you are with me, when I show you my love, my careness and you deserve this...slow" I nodded as a moan was heard again. He kissed me passionetely but slow. Is like he wanted to remind me I was his and that he'll do anything to make me feel comfortable.

"Will you always love me?" I asked closed to his face.

"Always is too little for our love...can we say for our eternal lifes?" My heartbeating grew as tears left my eyes.


"Shhh...let me love you..." He kissed me with need as he hugged me tight.

He was never leaving me.

He was what I needed.

Or that is what I believed.

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