LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


11. Chapter 09: After Everything He Always Makes Me Feel Safe

I feel like my heart could burst sometimes. This wasn’t love I didn’t even care about him. He was madly in love with me. He was the king of England and If I hurt him something bad could happen to me or what is left of my family.

“Perayla?” I heard Zayn’s voice behind me as a breeze of fear took over my body immediately.

“Don’t dare call me that.” I spat walking away as he grabbed me and his eyes turned into gold.

“You don’t scream at me and neither leave this room until I tell you to do so. Understood?” He screamed at my face as I nodded.

“Zayn please do not make me do it again.” I begged as he was touching my neck and grabbing it hard as his lips placed on mine.

“You are mine. Who ever gets in the way will be dead.” He stroke the flesh of my arms as he slide one finger inside me and my head was on the top of his shoulder. A tear feel down my cheek as he came into my mind that was the only way to survive this.

He is hurting me

He is taking advantage of me

He is using me for his own pleasure

Where the hell are you!

I need you!

Why are you not answering my begs?

Don’t you know I love you?

You forgot me.

“Don’t you see how hard you make me.” I nodded as I bit his neck hard and on purpose he pushed me away as he ran fast and slapped me.

“Bitch! You wana play games let’s play games…” I began sobbing as he slapped me again and again until my cheek was already bruised. I have not fed in years and this will take a while to heal. He grabbed my hear as screams left my mouth. He made me look at him as tears were my only company.

“You are gonna suck until I come in your mouth!” He commanded as he forced himself in me and a loud cry left my mouth.

“Don’t cry or I’ll do it harder.” He spat and when he was going to thrust again two arms pushed me back as Zayn face changed again.

I heard the fighting the broken items but I wrapped my arms around myself crying and sobbing. My heart was aching so much that it was hurting me too much. I felt nauseous as I was about to vomit I ran fast and fell before getting to the toilet I pushed myself on the floor as I began throwing up. I stood there as tears left my eyes and I was seeing blurry. I felt someone cleaning my mouth and wiping my tears away. I was definitely allucinating. I saw a mop of curls as I touched his face.

“I’m sorry I left…” I didn’t say anything I just hugged him tight as I was trembling and crying loud.

“It’s ok he is not going to hurt you.” He stroke my hair and kissed all my face.

“He-He t-tried to ra—“ He put one finger on my mouth in signal to keep quiet.

“I stopped him…” I felt dizzy as I felt blood leaving my mouth with vomits mixed as he carried me running on the forest I just kept myself close to his chest I felt safe.

He placed me down and looked at me with fear.

“I need to cut you will you?” I nodded as he placed the rock on my shoulder as he began cutting deeply in my flesh as a scream left my mouth.

“I am taking the venom you drank.” I nodded as tears were rolling my cheeks.

“It hurts please do it quickly...I have not drank blood in 1,000 years…” He looked at me angry.

“You told me it was alright!” He bit his wrist nd made me drink it as I struggled in his grip but still drank a lot of blood from him.

“You are gonna be fine I am you maker I can heal you…” He stroke my cheek as the veins were a lot thicker than before and the desperate for blood was worse I pushed him wiping half the blood from my mouth.

“I won’t control it If I keep feeding.” He shook his head.

“As your maker I order you to feed on my until I tell you to stop.” I ran fast to him as I started drinking from his neck and a moan left my mouth as he was stroking the flesh of my neck and kissing my jaw then those images were fresh on my mind I pushed him.

“Don’t touch me!” I screamed as I was pulling my hair in desperation.

“Perr it’s me Harry I will never hurt you…” He walked closer to me as I stepped back.

“He said he will k-“ He touched my lips and cheek as I felt safe again.

“ I will always protect you remember?” I nodded as he kissed my lips and let me rest on his chest.

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