LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


6. Chapter 04: You Are Not Strong Enough

I was feeling lifeless like the light never came to save me from my darkness. I could only feel the darkness taking every power in my body. That is when I felt two bones breaking like if they were sticks. A growled escaped my mouth and screams with hurtful tears were dancing on my cheeks. I kept vomiting blood. My breathe was taken and I was gasping for it. I looked at a broken Harry looking guilty at me.

"This is my fault!" Harry screamed in frustration and ran to me but I stepped back.

"I'll--I'll hu-hurt you!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and a cry left my mouth this was killing me when a bone broke my stomach was up and then I fell hard on the floor.

"No! baby stay with me...please stay!" I heard him screamed.

"Thank you for everything..."

"I did this and you can't" I smiled weakly at him.

"I'll be fine I'll always be fine..." All black out.

It felt like years passed by but were only 2 months. They had hope I would wake up soon but I couldn't I felt like I was dead. They were taking care of me.

"When will she?" Harry said sobbing.

"She'll do just have patience..." I heard his dad.

"What if-" Oh baby...

"Listen to her heartbeating she is still strong enough to keep fighting just believe in her. She can feel your sadness and that'll make her wake up."

6 months later.

"I can't take care of her anymore..." He leaving me.

"Harry calm-"

"No, I won't look at her this is killing me slowly and I can't live like this. I'm leaving. I wish I never met her." He slammed a door and I wanted to cry but I couldn't I felt his father's hand on mine and I grabbed it.

"Harry!" But there was no response.

He left me. He gave up on me when he promised me to take care of me. He said he loved me.

1 year later.

"Chris?" I coughed.

"Oh my God...finally" He gave me a cup of water.

"How long I was unconcious?" I asked worried.

"A whole year..." I smiled at him.

"Where is Harry?" I asked having hope.

"I'm sorry Perrie he left but he told me to give this." He gave me a letter.

I was alone in all this hybrid turning. He left me and just wrote some shit like this would help me.

Dear Perriv:

I wish I could tell you in person but for the circumstances I can't. I want you to start a new life to be happy. I can't be with a monster like you. The first time we had sex it was just fun. I never loved you. To be more clear I hate you not just for being a vampire more for being a weak stupid little girl. You gave your virginity to me and think what I didn't care. If you track me down I swear I will not blink in killing you. Stay away from any werewolves more if they are from my pack.

I neve was yours,


l screamed in anger as I ran fast breaking things. I broke a table and I was prepared to stake myself. I fell down on my knews sobbing. Little screams left my mouth. All my eyes were covered in blood. More anger was growing inside me as I tried to wash away his touch from my flesh. I wrapped my arms around myself. Crying to sleep. I could feel someone watching me but I ignored it. I felt two arms lifting me up and putting me on bed. When I opened my eyes I saw noone in the room maybe it was just my imagination playing me a trick to fall a part.

Maybe he was never the light.

Maybe he was the fire that burned me down.

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