LaserLight (16+)

"When darkness arrives in your life you need more than one candle to light up your world again. When traitor is our middle name just hate remains. He will burn me down until his laserlight bring me back to life". -Perrie Edwards


3. Chapter 01: Hurtful Turning

I could feel like I was sweating but I wasn't. He was torturing me. He can kill me and it'll hurt less but he enjoys watching me suffer because I never wanted to marry him.

"Nikolav, please don't do this to me." A gasp left my mouth and I could feel my head pounding like it was a song played.

"You did this to yourself, Perrie now you are gonna be what you hate the most in the world." He said stroking my cheek and I pushed him. I couldn't believe the strenght I had.

"Please just kill me..." I begged him ehen a loud scream left my mouth and I was on my knees stroking my head with both hands and I felt like I was dying from inside out feeling lifeless each second that passed.

"Now you have to feed..." He grabbed my hair and put it in front of a female neck. I could smell her blood and her heart beat was erratic.

"No, I can't." I screamed.

 "You'll die if you don't" I was smelling her. I could feel the veins forming under my eyes and the blood in them so I just fed on her until I killed her.

"N-no, I killed someone." I could feel the blood on my cheeks.

"Good girl..." He said cleaning my mouth with a napkin and stroking my cheek.

"Get away from me!" I began running very fast.

"Don't worry on 2025 I'll find you, have a long life Perriv."

I ran fast I felt like I just ran all around the world. My life was miserable. I wasn't a human anymore. Where did God went when this happened? This isn't the way it was suppose to be. I could feel the blood coming out if my mouth I was throwing up the blood I just fed. My ears were pounding from a noise and a loud screamed left my mouth. I was crying blood and throwing it too. I felt to arms lifting me up and carrying me.

"You'll be ok. I'm gonna help you." I turned to see the man but my vision got blurry.

4 days passed by.

I was unconcious.

I was dead and alive.

I could feel the hunger in my stomach.

"Hello, good morning beautiful." I smiled.

"Did you showered me?" I asked him with embarassment.

"Yes but I didn't-"

"I trust you..." I couldn't believe what I just said.

"You do?" He asked surprised.

"I don't know why but I just do." I laughed and he joined me.

"Well, you have to eat you've been out for four days you should be hungry."

"Okay?" I can;t eat human food it will be disgusting.

"Come let's go to the kitchen."

I followed him to the kitchen watching his every step he was hot. Really hot for being just a human. He had muscles. Maybe he was just as good as he looks as in bed. I laughed at my perverts thoughts.

"What's so funny, babe?" He just called me babe.

"Nothing nevermind...." I laughed again.

"What is the name of this beautiful girl?" He said looking into me literally.

"M-my name is Perrie...Edwards but people call me Perriv." I blushed.

"Beautiful name but I go with the real one." He smiled.


"Mine is Harry Edwards Styles Cox...but call me Harry unless you have some other thing on your mind." He laughed and put two plates of pancakes for both of us and fruits.

"Nice meeting you and thank you for being so kind to me I really appreciate it." He just nodded and we started eating.

I was really trying to taste it or eat it at least but I could feel the hot liquid in my throat and the blood coming out. I fell on the floor grabbing my neck and vomiting blood and the food. I could feel like I was going to cry but I didn't wanted to scare him away. He knelt down and stroke my cheel telling me everything is gonna be fine and I just kept my eyes closed.

"Don't be embarassed this happens..." He started cleaning my cheeks and my lips.

"I'm sorry I ruined your rug." I said sobbing but there were not blood falling on my cheeks.

"It's alright..." He carried me to bed.

"I feel dizzy." I tell him.

"It will pass in minutes is normal." I looked into his eyes and enterwined our fingers.

I saw a woman leaving him and how he suffered because of it. He used women because of it and she aborted their baby. His dad left him and his mom died when he was 9 years old. He was in drugs. He was a robber. And he was living for it now. I pushed his hands away gasping and turning around to not face him.

"Perrie, what's wrong?" He said stroking my arm.

"I'll let you be alone you sometime to think. I'm going to call your boyfriend Nikolav. He told me to call him when you wake up."

"No!" I screamed at him and just in seconds I was in front of him and pinned him against the wall grabbing his neck.

"Perrie, What the fuck!" I looking into his eyes.

"You won't call him and you will not tell anyone I am here is that clear?" I spat he just nodded.

"I'm sorry I thought you would've-"

"Whatever he told you was alla lie. He is one of the best liar. He'll hurt me. Wait he did." A tear left my eye and I turned around.

"Perrie were you-"

"No I'm alright I just need some time alone and I'll be ok..." I said sobbing.

"You don't seem ok." I wiped my tears with my shirt and ran fast to him and looked into his eyes.

"You'll go and don't come in until I tell you so." He nodded and walked out.

I could feel a bag of blood on my cheeks for all the crying but I couldn't stop it because I felt like my heart was been riping apart piece by piece and I just couldn't longer feel the love, the care, the happiness I was being turned into an abomination.

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