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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!


3. Meeting The Boy

The doorbell rang when Logan left.

"Hi" he said.

"Hi" i replied.

Shit. He is cute.

"Im Matt" he said.

"Im Emily" i smiled.

I showed him around the house. We both crashed in the living room.

"This place is frikin huge" he said.

"Dad was a lawer. Mom was a doctor" i said.

"Damn" he replied.

I giggled.

"Is there no cussing alowed here?" He laughed.

"Actually, i dont care what you say! I cuss sometimes" i reply.

He laughed. Shit. SHIT! His laugh is cute. JUST LIKE HIM!

Logan texted me.

(L-logan, E-emily)

L-im breaking up with you

E- •.• why

L-i dont like this, can we still be friends?

I didnt answer. I started crying my eyes out.

"OH MY GOD EMILY WHAT HAPPENED?" Matt yelled running over to me.

I showed him my phone. He looked pissed.

"He broke up with you? Why would he do that? You are beautiful" he blushed.

"I-I-Im n-n-not beautiful" i managed to get out.

I stood up. He cupped my face with his hands.

"You are friken beautiful. I cant stand how pretty you are. Anybody would be lucky to have you. I-" he started.

"You what?" I asked.

"Nothing" he blushed.

"Well, my ex-boyfriend just left and i havent had any lunch. You hungry?" I asked.

"Acrually, im starving." He said.

"You wanna get a pizza or go get something?" I asked.

"If you want to" he replied.

"I'll order a pizza" i said.

"Ok" he said pulling his phone out.

*10 mins later*

The doorbell rang. Matt ran up and got the pizza.

"Matt, did you pay for that?" I asked.

"No, i stole it!" He said sarcastically.

"Haha now let me pay you back" i said.

"Nope. You dont have to" he said.

"Why not?" I asked.

"Becouse I wanted to pay for it." He said.

I looked at him like 'are you kidding me?'.

"What?" He said.

"You are too funny" i said.

"I know my face is funny. DONT BRING IT UP!" He yelled.

"Your face is not funny, its-" he stopped me.

"Ugly?" He asked.

"No, not at all" i said.

He blushed.

"Will you watch Mean Girls with me?" I asked.

"Thats my fave movie duh bish" he replied.

"Bish whet?" I asked sassily.

"Just kidding. You aint a bish" he said.

I smiled. He grapped my wrist and spun me around to face him. He looked up at me then pulled he down into his lap. He cupped my face with his hands.

"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole entire 17 years on this planet." He told me.

I blushed really bad. He pulled our faces closer...

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