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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!


4. Meeting Matt's Friends

"So, how about i have 3 people over tonight so you can meet them?" Matt asked.

"If you wanna" i told him.

*1 hour later*

The doorbell rang. I followed Matt and opened the door revealing a boy with really bright blue eyes. Cute. But not as cute a Matt. There was also a boy with brown hair that looked abit younger than all ofus. Mabye 14. Then the other boy. He was alright. Still, not as cute as Matt.

"Boys this is Emily, Emily this is Nash, Hayes, and Cameron" Matt said pointing to each one.

"Hi" i said.

"So what do you all wanna do?" Matt asked.

"Well, I can only stay for about and hour. I have to go to work" Cameron ,i think, said.

"Ok" Matt said.

"We can watch a movie?" I suggested.

"OMG YES" Nash yelled.

"What kind of movie?" I asked.

"Horror" Matt smiled.

"Shit. Fine" I said.

"Whats wrong with horror movies?" Matt asked.

"Nothing. Other than the fact that im scared to death of them." I said.

"Dont worry, i'll protect you" he smiled again.

"Aww, Matthews got a crush" Nash said.

"Shut the fuck up Nash" Matt mumbled.

"Ok so which movie?" I asked as we all went over to look at the movies.

"Wow, you have alot of movies" Hayes said.

"Ooooh, what about Annabelle?" Cameron asked.

"Ok" we all said.

I put the movie in and sat down on the couch. Matt sat beside me and Nash sat on the other side. Matt put his arm around me and pulled me closer to his warm body.

"Told you i would protect you" he whispered in my ear.

He kissed the top of my head. I turned to Nash. He looked abit jealous but didnt show it very badly.

Matt grabbed a blanket and put over me and him. I leaned my head over on his shoulder.

About five minuits later, my phone vibrated telling me i have a twitter notification.

300+ new followers. 4 of which were in the same room as me. Hayes also had apperently took a picture of me and Matt and tweeted it. Wow! It has only been on there for 2 minuits and already has 400 favorites and 500 re-tweets.

~Authors note~

This will book will be set back to when they were ALL in Magcon. Kinda a flashback. Oh well





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