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I want her. But cant have her. Thats the worst thing EVER!


6. Just a Dream

Still Matt's P.O.V

"EMILY NO DONT DIE!" I yelled.

"Matt what the hell are you fucking screaming about" Emily yelled running in my room.

"But your dead. The doctor- wait. That was a dream wasnt it?" I asked.

"I have no idea what your talking about." Emily said.

*face palm*

"Im sorry. I just had the worst fucking dream ever. I came home to hear crying in the bathroom so I ran in to see what was up and you had pills and a blade. You took an overdose and cut your arms and legs a bunch of times. The ambulance took you to a hospital and the doctor came out to tell us that you died" i explained.

"Oh my god" she said.

"Well, its like 2 am. We should probably get back so sleep." I said.

"Yep" she said walking out.

"Hey Emily?" I asked.

"Let me guess. You want me to sleep with you so if you have another bad dream i'll be here to proect you?" She asked.

"That wanst it, but now that you say it... YES I DO WANT YOU TO STAY!" I yelled.

She jumped into bed with me.

"YAY" i smiled.

"How do you sleep with it so hot in here?" She asked.

"I dont know" i said.

"It may just be me. I mean, i have on thick leggings so..." She said.

"And I have on pajama pants so thats probably why its so hot" i said.

I slid my pants off leaving me in only my underwear.

"Thats better" i said.


"What?" I giggled.

"Its an inside joke with one of my friends" she laughed again.

"So a no pants party?" I laughed.

"Yes." She said.

And then she took her pants off. Eventually, our legs got tangled up.

Emily's P.O.V

What Matt didnt know is that i also had on my Nike Pro cheer shorts. But anyway...

Eventually, Me and Matt fell asleep.

HI LOVELIES! This was baisically just a filler chapter sorry🌚 I have only 1 ballgame this week so I'll update more cuz I have NO SCHOOL the rest of the week. Thats its. Byeeee✌️ xoxo

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