Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


11. wrapped around your finger

It was loud in the hotel hall. The fans were waiting for 5SOS. 

„Wait” Luke grabbed Calum’s sweater. They both stopped while Ashton and Michael went into the elevator. The security man stopped next to Calum and Luke.

„Give us 3 minutes” muttered Luke.

The man moved to the elevator and waited there. Down in the hall they heard screams. Michael and Ashton had reached the fangirl crowd.

„What’s up” asked Calum.

„It’s about me and Keira” whispered Luke.

„Something’s wrong. You made up two days ago”

„Yes, but…” Luke sighed

„What” Calum was looking at him.

„We did this” said Luke.

„What…. Wow… realy, you’ve slept with her” Calum opened his mouth.

„Yes” Luke felt he’s blushing.

„And, is she good” Calum lowered his voice.

„Yes, but…” Luke leaned against the wall.

„But, she was a virgin” groaned Luke.

„What! what about Harry Styles and Ashton” Calum was shocked

„She didn’t do it wih them. Harry is realy just her friend” muttered Luke.

„Bro, wow, you were her first. Congratulations” Calum hit his shoulder.

„That’s true” Luke seemed sad.

„Tha’s awesome. It means, she realy loves you”

„Yes, but… I’m disappointed that she was a virgin. I thought that she did it, at lest with Harry or Ashton” Luke finally said what was causing him inner pain since two days.

„What… did you lose your mind” Calum looked at him „You should be happy” 

„I know, I’m just disappointed”  Luke sighed

„Never tell her this, she’ll kill you” Calum shook his head.

„I know” Luke felt fire inside „Let’s go” he muttered walking to the elevator.  


The screams from the concert still sounded in Luke's ears. The boys went to the hotel. He was in a car with Keira. They were going to the harbor on her yacht.

„You’re so silent” Keira looked at Luke. 

She was wearing a black tunic and black shorts. She composed them with high heels and expensive jevelery. She looked elegant and beautiful. But Luke was still feeling a burned out hole in him, that didn’t allow him to concentrate. 

„I’m thinking about the concert, it was great” muttered Luke.

„And that’s why you’re dejected. Did Liz find out” Keira moved closer and touched his knee.

„No, no worries” Luke forced himself to smile.

He couldn’t understand his feelings.

„If you don’t want to go with me, tell me” Keira looked at him seriuosly.

„It’s ok. I want to go with you” Luke kissed her to avoid further questions.  

They reached the harbor and run down the pier to the yacht. The city lights were reflecting in the water. A cool wind doffed their faces. The yacht swayed gently. Luke felt neary as free as when he stripped in the canyon. He stopped on the ship’s side and inhaled the fresh air. He drew Keira closer and kissed her. For a momnet he forgot the whole world. He longed her again. If she had just… done it on this yacht with Harry. He would feel better. He would feel safer. But right now it stopped to matter. There was only this moment left. Subtle reflections shimmering in the water. The stars above them and her lips he couldn’t stop kissing. He started to kiss her neck. His hands went under the fabric of the tunic. In his imagination he was already kissing the inner side of her thighs. 

„Come” he said pulling her inside the yacht.

„Let’s do it outside” she siad stopping him.

„What about the paparazzis” asked Luke.

„No one knows we’re here” Kiera looked at him with burning eyes.

Luke felt theat the possibilty of being caught is increasing his excitement. He went after Keira on the front of the yacht. There was a comfortable leather mattress there. The yacht rocked stronger and Luke lost his balance and fell on the mattress with Keira.

„You’re so  crazy” Luke smiled.

„You’re crazy too” she said.

Luke bend down and kissed her again. He took of her tunic and she got rid of his sweater and tshirt. 

„We will get cold” whispered Luke when he felt the cold wind on his back.

All the hair on his body were up and filled with electricity

„Realy” Keira rised her eyebrows.

Luke bit his pearcing.  


The tips of her fingers were cold on his burning cheeks. His hair matted by moisture, by her hands. A few times he felt her nails knocked into his back, into his shoulders but it appperared to hime like some blurry, dreamy vision. His facial hair left red marks on her soft skin. The yacht was rocking like if there was a storm, at least in his feelings.  


He berely caught his breath. Her skin was steaming. Hot in the cold of the night. The world was returning and Luke felt like in a trance.He was so high that now he couldn’t pick up the pieces. He was breathing on her skin. He was inhaleing her scent and he felt dazed. He could make love with her endlessly, again and again.  


The stars above them changed places. From ime to time he was seeing a shimmering light of a plane. The were laying on the mattress under a blanket. 

„It’s wonderful” muttered Keira kissing his neck. Luke smiled to himself. He knew that when down will wake them up he will go back to reality, but know the only thing that mattered was her warm body and closeness. 

„Let’s go swimming” said Keira.

„This water is freezing cold” Luke felt butterflies, again. 

„Come” Keira went out of the blanket.

„Now the paparazziz would get the shot of their life” smiled Luke.

„Come” Keira went to the edge of the yacht „Yuuuuhuu” she screamed and jumped.

Luke heard the splash. He sighed. He loved her for her sponatneous side. He run to the side of the yacht completly naked.

„Are you afraid” shouted Keira, who was swimming and smiling loud.

„I’m comming” Luke took a deep breath, closed his eyes and jumped.

He felt the speed of the air and then the icy water, like needles in evry part of the body. He emerged on the surface and started to swim because he was trembling from  cold.

„And, do you like it” asked Kiera.

„You’re so crazy” Luke swam to her and kissed her firely.  


The down rose over the bay. The seagulls woke up and were getting noisy. Luke opened his eyes. He pulled his sweater on his hands and snuggled more into Keira. He felt her breath under his shoulder. She was sleeping sweetly. The morning fog made the air grey and humid.  Here and there some small blue spots were appearing on the sky. The city was wakeing up to life out of the fog. The seagulls soared above the yacht. Luke cuddled his nose into Keira’s hair. It smelled like the salty water. He loved every inch of her so much that he felt he will explode with the surfeit of love.

„I Love you” he whispered.

He knew she was sleeping and couldn’t hear him so this words were kept safe.

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