Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


7. voodoodoll

Luke was waiting on the runway of a small airport while the pilot and the assistant were preparing the plane. Calum was right. This is going to be a adventure. Keira, Keira herself was inviting him to LA. She was even sending a private plane. She had had all this men, actors, singers, Harry Styles - apparently he was just her friend- and now she had him - Luke.

Luke was trembling. He was supposed to fly to LA. He wanted to be Keira's next boyfriend. The one that show her, that he's the only and best one, so she won't need anyone ealse.


The car stopped on the hill. LA by night, lit up by milions of lights was at their feet. Luke left the car and moved towards a creamy beige Hummer that had been parked on the top of the hill. Luke was afraid and excited.

He saw a figure dressed up in black. A hoodie was covring her face in shadow. Luke took a breath. He heard that the car that brought him here starts the engin, and moves down the hill, leaving them here alone.

"Hi" Luke came closer and relyed on the bonnet of the car.

"Hi" Keira was sitting on the car and observeing the city.

Luke was wondering if she thought about him or about a new movie.

"Cool place" muttered Luke.

"I know, that's why I chose it" Keira looked at him and smiled to herself.

Luke smiled to his own thoughts too.

"So what does Liz said about it" asked Keira.

"She doesn't know that I'm here." Luke felt his excitement rising.

"It's good that your legal" Keira and Luke looked eachother in the eyes.

They both burst out with laughter.

"Did you like me before" Luke jumped up and sat next to her.

"Maybe" Keira made him feel like a man.

"Tell me" Luke moved closer and looked at her.

"I'm leaving it to your imagination." Keira was looking into his eyes, and Luke felt that he wants to kiss her so badly.

He licked his lips and bit  his pearcing.

"You think, that you'll get something special because I'm older." Keira was suddenly serious.

"No, it's not like you think" Luke felt strange.

It was  exactly what he was thinking. He wanted to land in her bed, like Harry Styles and all the others. The thought that Keira had sex with all this guys was driving him crazy.

"I think I know why you're here" Keira looked at the city of angels.

""Who digs LA, is LA"*" whispered Keira.

"Who digs Keira" Luke didn't finish the sentence.

He smiled sweetly.

"Is Keira" Keira rose her eyebrows.

They both suddenly found themselves so close to eachother, and Luke felt his heart pouding. He bend down and touched her cheek.


His fingertips danced on my face. I felt his perfect nose, and than his sweet lips. For a moment the world stopped and there was only perfection left.


Luke kissed Keira gently. He was shocked by his own courage. A sweet warm feeling overcame his body and he never wanted to let go of this magic . Keira touched his neck and they kissed more passionately. Luke somehow managed to parten his lips from her.

"I'm sorry" he whispered.

Keira looked at him firecely. She moved closer and their noses touched again. They kissed and couldn't stop.

"Tell me where you're hiding your voodoodoll, because you're like gravity for me" asked Keira when they landed on the car bonnet she over him.

"I was about to ask you the same thing, because you drive me crazy" said Luke.

They both smiled and kissed again.



*"Footnote to Howl" by Allen Ginsberg

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