Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


10. never be

Luke felt bad. After long days of begging he managed to covince Liz to leave the tour. But she told him to break up with Keira. Luke didn’t know what to do. He adored Keira and he wanted to made things up between them but he was also afraid of his mother. The growing relationship between Keira and Ashton made the metter even more complicated. Keira was spending more and more tome with Ashton now when she was so upset with Luke’s behavior. Ashton siad that he and Keira are only friends, but the couple keept appearing in the press, and the rumors were splitting the fandom. They had been seen in clubs and on parties. Was their friendship like her and Harry’s friendship. Luke never asked her about Harry even if he was as interested in knownig the truth as the rest of the world. However, he didn’t have the courage to ask her about this.  After Keira and Ashton spend a weekend together in Maiami Luke could’t stand it anymore. So he took a plane to LA on a day off. He decided to apologize to Keira.   


He was in front of her door in the yard of this beautiful villa in the hills. It was early in the morning. He was koncking long before she opened the door. 

„Youre security let me in” Luke was standing on the doormat, frightend, trembling with a bouquet of roses.

„Do you have any questions abot the movie” asked Keira.

„I want to apologize. I was an ashole” 

„Yes, that’s true” Keira sill wasn’t inviting him inside.

„I’m sorry I should’ve defended you from Liz” Luke wasn’t looking at her.

„I thought so” Keira was about tho shot the door in front of him but he stopped her.

„I’m begging you, forgive me, I can’t live without you” Luke fall on his knees.

„Get up. This act is out of fashion since the XVIth century” muttered Keira.

Luke got up.

„I brought you roses” he hended the flowers to her.

„Thank you” she said.

„I’ll do anything, just tell me what can I do” he groaned.

„Just don’t put me into this kind of situations again, and keep your mother far away from me” said Keira.

„Does it mean that you forgive me” he asked.

„Let it be” Keira sighed „Come in”

Luke smiled. 

„I love you” he whispered kissing her cheek.

„Enough” Keira closed the door. 

Luke went into the hall and stopped. He wasn’t alone with Keira for 3 weeks. He missed her so much but now when he was so close he felt tied.

„So, how are you” asked Keira.

„Ymm” Luke jammed on one sound.

It was so much easier before they argued.

„Can I hug you” asked Luke.

„Yes” Keira smiled.

Luke moved closer and hugged her. They looked eachother in the eyes and their noses touched They kissed and Luke felt the heat inside. They were touching slowly. 

„Keira” whispered Luke.

„Come” she pulled him closer.   


They landed in the bedroom. Luke was kissing her fiery. He took off her shirt.

„Wait” Keira stopped him. 

„You don’t want to” he asked.

„I want, it’s just..” she didn’t finish 

„What” Luke kissed her neck

„Have you done it before” she asked.

„Don’t worry, I did it a couple times with Sam” siad Luke

„Luke, I…” Keira didn’t say anything ealse.   


He lifted my shirt.


I have never..  


They were falling like stars the world stopped existing.   


The down didn’t change anything. Luke’s skin was as perfect as his nose, milkywhite and soft beyond the border of things a human being can stand.   


Luke couldn’t belive. He couldn’t belive what had happened and he couldn’t belive that he was her first.  


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