Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


13. long way home

The yacht was slowly moving through the rainy ocean. A seagull sat on the side of the boat and disappeard again. It was a rainy day. My sweater was getting humid but I didn’t care. At leats he won’t notice my tears. I was still in shock, like somone frozen inside the words that I didn’t want to let into my mind. I heard steps. I turned around. Harry put two drinks on a small counter. His hair was curling even more in the moisture air. I tried to stop the teras. I walked to the counter and sat down on a build in bench. 

„It’s getting cold, I’ll bring over some blankets” muttered Harry.

„Ok” I looked at the gray waves.

They were creased by the wind. Ros called for the twentieth time and all I was able to do was sending him a text „Do the shooting in Mote Carlo for me” The casino scene. The kiss scene. Fiona and Luke. I tried to get Luke’s face out of my head but I was failing. I kept repeating his words in my head, like if some unseen force was pressing a replay button again and again.

„Here you are. Kira you’re hands are freezing cold” Harry put a blanket on me and touched my hands.

He sounded worried.

„I’m fine” I said looking away from him.

„Can you finally tell me what has he done to you” Harry sat next to me.

„No” I termebled.

„I’ll go to his hotel, find him and kick his ass so long that he’ll tell me everything” Harry rised hi eyebrows.

„Ok. We broke up. I broke up with him” I felt my throat getting dry.

„Why. Does he…”

„No, he didn’t chated on me. He just…” I felt crushing.

„He what” Harry put his hand on my shoulder.

„He said he’s disappointed. That I didn’t have sex with Ashton or with… with… you” I said it.

„What” Harry didn’t kow if he should lough or not „Is he crazy”

„I don’t know”

„This is the weridest thing I’ve ever heard. He should be happy that…” Harry looked at me „I would be…”

„Stop it, please” I was so tired of boys.

„I will kick his ass” said Harry.

I smiled. He still was able to make my smile.

„I’m so tired” I said lying on the banch.

He moved so that I could rest my head on his lap.

„Maybe we’ll go back to the shore. It’s so cold and windy”

„The weather is right. It fits”

„To your pain” Harry smiled.

After a while I felt his hand in my hair.

„I would do everything to be in Luke’s place and he just spoils it” said Harry.

„Stop it please. You’re my friend. I need you in my life as a friend” I closed my eyes.

The yacht was hit by waves. I felt Harry’s hand on my head. He was silent. I thought about Luke. Was he upset, angry, happy. Should I fullfill his wish, and start something with Ashton. Would he change.

Sudednly I jumped up.

„I’ve got a brilliant idea” I smiled.




It was warm. Luke was walking to the sportcar that had been used for this scene. She didn’t appear. She just let Ros do the shoot. He didn’t call her. He didn’t know what to say. She was somewhere with Harry. They were probably making out already. Luke decided to hate her. But actually he hated himself for what had done. Fiona run after him and met him at the casino wall. Luke pulled her to him. He didn’t look at her. He pressed a kiss on her lips, but it felt entierly wrong.

„Au. What are you doing. You sguezzing my arm. You’re hurting me” screamed Fiona.

„And cut” Ros sighe. „Luke concentrate”

„I’m not your dog or something” Fiona went to the casino.

He was angry. Luke stood there for few seconds tring to get himself together. Fiona was the third girl he had kissed. After Sam and Keira.

„It’s just… It feels wrong” Luke looked at Ros.

„Act” Ros was flustrated.

Luke went back. He speeded back the pavement to the car.

„And action” shouted Ros.

„Wait” Fiona ran to him.

Her makeup was a litte bit strange.

Was she crying.

Luke grabbed her a little bit more careful and kissed her. He felt like burning. It wasn’t pleasent at all. How could a kiss be so bad.

„Give some fire in it. You’re in love. Cut” yelled Ros.

„His kissing like a dead frog” Fiona freed herself from Luke’s hug and went back.

Luke felt as if he had been hit. Trembling from anger he went back.

„Do it right this time” screamed Ros. „Action”

Luke nearly jumped up. He moved down the pavement. Fiona followd him.

„Wait” she said touching his hand.

He turned around and suddenly stopped.

„I can’t”

„CUT!!!” Ros was pulling on his hair.

„I just can’t” Luke leaned his forehead to the wall.

„Do you think it’s pleasent for me. The answer is no” shouted Fiona.

„It’s no pleasure for me eaither” said Luke moving back.

He tried another time but Ros wasn’t pleased. At the fifth try Fiona started to cry and the make up artist had to take care of her.

„Luke. Think, think it’s someone ealse, we just need one good shoot” begged Ros.

Luke knew it.

„Luke, you probably want to see it” Lona the make up artist came to him.

She was holding her computer. 

„But I’m afraid you won”t like it” she said. 

Luke looked on the screen and falt like evertyhing is giving in in him. He saw a red carpet. A big charity party in New York. All the photographers were in a hurry. The hollywood news were broadcasting life. Keira was walking on the carpet dressed in a long sexy black dress. On the right she was holding Ashton’s arm, on the left Harry’s arm.

„Wh…” Luke couldn’t get his voice back.

„Wh…” actually he thought she has been crying.

But that…

Anger made Luke so flustrated he turned to Ros.

„We’re shooting the scene. Now” he said so seriuos thet the whole team stood up.

„Ok. Action” Ros looked around.

Luke went to the car. Keira’s image had been burned in his mind.

„Wait” he heard her voice.

Her touch when she layed her hand on his shoulder. He turend around and looked her in the eyes. She wasn’t Fiona any more. The only girl he saw was Keira. The only one he kissed. He couldn’t stop. They were on her yacht again. On the car in Hollywood hills. Fiona was speachless when he let go of her lips. He went to the car. She needed a second before she followed him.

„And done” said Ros.

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