Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


6. independence day

„Hey let’s go camping, it’s our last evening before you leave” Sam met Luke in their hideout.

They had been sitting there for hours, and writting songs, long time before he left on tour. 

„Ok. Great” Luke smiled.

He thought that he has somehow manged to fix the thing that seemed so creased and broken between them. 

„It will be an unforgettable night” Sam kissed him fondly.

Luke smiled to himself. Her kisses still were so pleasant. It even felt like the time moved back, and he’s this boy from  high school again. 

„it will be wonderful” Luke huged her tighty.  


He was packing his bagpack when Liz burst into his room.

„Are you going somewhere” she asked.

„I’m sleeping at Calumn’s house, we’ll play Fifa” Luke tried to sound natural.

„So why do you need a flashlight and a sleeping bag” asked Liz.

„We’re doing a camp fire, Mickey is comming too” Luke wasn’t looking at her „I’m 18, Liz”

„I know. Have fun” Liz sighed.  


The night was so dark, that it seemed to be some kind of liquid that absorbed everything aroung and dissolved it in gloom. The moisture and heat ware  frozen in the jungle, and the fog was mixing up with the sounds of nature. Luke was walking briskly, lighting his way up with the flashlight. He knew this paths since childhood. He was walking to a glade, where he used to camp with Calum. Sam was supposed to wait there in a tent.  When he approached the glade he saw a big tent and a light inside. He smiled to himself. They wasn’t so close for so long.  


Luke entered the tent. Sam was sitting on her sleepingbag between pillows. A lamp was lighting the space inside the tenet up. Sam smiled widely when she saw him. 

„Hi, you’re looking great” she tured red.

„Thanks” Luke put his bag on the ground.

He opened it and took his sleepingbag out. 

"I told Liz, I’m sleeping at Calum’s” he siad.

„So, what are we doing now” asked Sam.

„I brought cookies and chocolate” Luke took the sweets out of the bag and moved closer to Sam.

He wrestled with the package for a while and finally opened it. 

„Here you are” he offered the sweets to her.

„Thanks” Sam seemed tense.

Luke wasn’t looking at her. It was so strangely awkward and silent in this tent.

„You’re leaving tomorrow” Sam lowered her voice.

„Yes” Luke was eating cookies. 

„I will miss you” Sam moved closer and touched his shoulder.

„Me too” Luke was looking at the chocolates.

„Look at me” Sam touched his cheek.

He looked her in the eyes and felt that the cookies are comming up his throat. Everthing felt so wrong. He decided however to ignore this strange hunch. He bend down and kissed Sam. It was nice, and warm and pleasant. Sam embrenced him and kissed him stronger.

„let’s do this” she said taking her shirt off.

Now she was there in a carrot-orange bra and Luke felt even more awkward.

„Ok” he said, while the voice in his head was screaming „Run!!!”

Sam started to undress him from his tshirt, finally getting rid of it. She was kissing him pasionately and pushed him on the sleepingbag. She bent over him biteing his lipring. Luke felt panic raising. 

„Stop! No, Sam, stop” the said moving away from her.

„Luke honey” she looked at him suprised but she began to kiss him again.

„I can’t. I’m sorry. I just… cant”  Luke got up and started to pack his things.

„What are you doing” Sam nearly screamed.

„I’m leaving” Luke closed the bag.

„You’re leaving, yes just so…” first tears appeared in Sam’s eyes.

„I can’t” Luke put on his t-shirt and took his bag.

„You don’t love me anymore” she looked at him sacred.

„Yes” he muttered.

„What” Sam couldn’t get her words together.

„I’m breaking up with you” said Luke and left the tent.

He felt so strangely free, as if he got rid of a heavy burden he had been carring too long. He hurried through the jungle heading towards Calum’s house.  


Luke slammed the door in Calumn’s livingroom. He went to the table and sat down. His bag hit the floor.

„What’s up bro” Calum appeared in the living room. 

„I broke up with Sam” Luke felt anger and relif.

„What. Why” Calum was looking at his friend.

„Because… I couldn’t be with her any more. I just couldn”t” Luke felt his heart speeding up.

He was nearly explodeing from all the mixed feelings inside him. 

„Wow…” Calum took a place opposite him.

„And, what are you going to do now” 

„I don’t know” Luke looked at the table.

He  sacrificed so many things for this raltionship, but he couldn’t stay.  


Luke went into the garden behind Calumn’s house. In his hands he was holding the paper with Keira’s number and his phone. He was so scared of this moment but he was dreaming about it for so long. With trembling hands he dialed the number. He waited two signals. 

„Hello” he heard her voice. The voice he was imaginig to hear every night. The voice of a woman he was making love to in his dreams a milion ways.

„Hi, here’s Luke” he introduced himself.

the crickets were palying they music on the lawn.

„I’d love to see you. I broke up with Sam” he whispered.

„I’ll sent a pivate jet for you. Wait on the airport” she said.

Than she turned  the call off. Luke felt shivers tightening up his muscels. He never expected to hear that.

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