Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


18. i can't remember

The small restaurant was filled wih yelow light. The round tables with people sitting opposite each other. The concept of a blind date restaurant where you change tables after three minutes of conversation. This girl with black hair. A beauty like Fiona. I took her as the main female character in the video. Tomorrow we will shoot the scene with the boys plaing their instruments on the sunny street. If it stops to rain. Today there was the story. All the cameras were set. Luke was supposed to run away wit the girl on the end of the video. He still didn’t look at me. Didn’t say a world.  I watched Michael. His red hair in the gloomy light. He sat opposite a young latin girl. They were chating and laughing loud. Ros was filming close ups. I tried not to get to close to the boys. 

„Are you going to a bar with us after the shoot” whispered Calum who sneaked behind me so quietly that I jumped up. 

„You’re not allowd into a bar in the States” I siad quietly.

„Come on, you know we go there often” he smiled. "Coffe” he looked at his cup. 

„No thanks” I looked at my team working. 

„It will be fun. We still can be friends” he said smiling.

„We never were friends” I hardly knew him.

„Maybe not us but you and Ashton” Calum lowered his voice. 

„That’s what it’s about” I felt anger „Tell him that it’s all past and I’m not palying this game any more” I said too loud.

Luke turned around and gave ma a angry gaze.

„Just me you, and Michael, what about that” asked Calum.

„That’s not fair, Luke will think” I didn’t finish.

„You’re not together any more, so” Calum raised his eyebrow.

„Ok, It can’t get worse, so ok” I said giving in

Maybe I hoped that Luke will come too and I’ll get a opportunity to talk to him. The scenes were shoot quickly but good. Calum get into a flirty mood with a cute blonde girl. Ashton giggled loud while telling some jokes to a sweet asian beauty. Luke was very short and kind of rude. Most of the girls found it difficult to fake a smile while talking to him. He tried to get through the shoot as soon as possibe. 

„It’s nearly like filming his kiss scene with Fiona” whispered Ros „Hopeless”. 

I shivered. I hated this scene because it was so good. So passionate and firely. Luke managed to kiss Fiona like that because he was so jelous of me. I took Harry and Ashton to a premier and pretended they’re both my boyfriends. I felt so stupid thinking of it now.

„He needs more passion” Ros looked at me. I stayed silent.

What could I do. Make him even more jelous. Make him hate me more. 

„Just leve it like that” I said and Ros went back to the camera.

Few hours later Luke took the girl’s hand and rur out of the restaurant. We had the whole scene. 

„And done” said Ros through the magaphone.

Everyone clapped. I got some handshakes. 

„I’ll send you a text with te name of the bar we’re at” said Calum walking past me.

„Bye” Michael hugged me friendly.

„So, very nice concept. It’s… nice to see you again” Ashton tried to play cool but he was insecure.

„Thanks” I avoided looking into his eyes.

The last time we talked was when he kissed me in the swimmingpool in this villa in Miami. 

„So, see you” he left the reataurant.

Luke said bye to Ros. He didn’t even looked into my direction before he left.  I felt the pain. I neary heard him screaming, when he destoyed the contract in front of my facce. Him screaming when he told me that he is disappointed that he was the first man I had sex wit. But when I did it wiht Harry he hated me even more. 

„He’s still a kid” sighed Ros.

„I know, it’s just” I was so close to teras. „I”ll go back to the hotel” 

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