Close Strangers

"Six months since I run away
And I know everything has changed
But tomorrow I'll be coming back to you"


16. heartache on the big screen




PART 2    




The rain was slowly covering the window when Ros entered the room cautiously.

„You can’t hide here forever” he muttered.

„What about the casting” i asked not facing him. 

I ignored thusands of phonecalls from the main producer. He was more than furious. The producion stopped months ago. The debt was growing every day. 

„I found a few promissing actors, some can sing” said Ros.

I closed my eyes. Since Luke had resigned from the role i was forced to shoot the movie again or give it in. I haven’t seen any of them since this day - Luke, Ashton, Harry.

„You should at least see the auditions.” Ros sighed.

„Whoever you choose will be fine” I said.

„Keira, don’t go back to this depressed girl that refuses to leave her own house” Ros was close to tears.

He knew my story. He saw me struggling before. 

„It’s just a phase.” I said

„Can you please leave me alone.

„At least talk to the producer” asked Ros.

He waited for my answer byt I was silent so he had no choice but to leave.  





Few hours later the producer called again. I was so sad and lonely. Maybe it was my own fault. I felt I can’t handle the reality. Could I find enough strenght to hire a new actor and finish the movie. Trembling I went to the table and took the phone. I turned the loudspeaker on. 

„Finally” I herd Mr. Lawson’s voice. „Keira are you there”

„Yes” I barely rcognized my own voice.

„Ros found few very good actors, choose one and get back to work” he said.

„I can’t” I whispered.

„Keira, we will loose 100 milion dolars. I can’t afford it, can you” I could, if he’ll just leve me alone. „I found you a job to get you back on track. You’ll warm up a bit" he sounded unhappy.

„What kind of job” I felt sick.

„A music video”

„I’m not doing stuff like that any more” I said 

„It’s just one day of shooting” he tried to calm down, but I knew he was about to scream „ Get in a plane, go to Cali, record the video. come back, and start the movie”

„What if I’ll refuse” I asked sitting on a chiar.

I was walking through the room during the whole call.

„I’ll get my best lawyers, and I’ll get you to pay me back this 100 milion” he was finally screaming.”

I thought about Ros, and the rest of the team. We”ll all get bankrupt becuse of it. Because of my one stupid misteake. Becuse of this one time in life when I realy fooled myself and belived I can get the boy I love. I knew I have no choice. How paintful it was, I needed to pack my clothes and do the video.

„Ok, I’ll do it” I said quietly.

„Ok, now you speak like a normal person” Mr. Lawson sighed and stopped to scream. „Ros will bring you the whole plan. You're free to imagine the whole set and plot.” 

„Ok, what kind of music is this” I asked.

„Very popular” muttered Mr Lawson. 

Don’t let it be One Diraction - I thought. 

„Who is it” I asked looking at the floor. 

The next words made my chest burst in pain. 

„You know them well, it’s 5sos” said Mr Lawson „Have a good day” he added and turned off the call.

I felt like frozen. Who’s idea was it. Was it his, or Ros's, or Harrys. I falt like a very small and week aminal that is so wounded and hunted down that I couldn't even move. Could I realy meet Luke again. Will it destroy me this time.              

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