Harry is love, Harry is life.

he luk at me .i luk at him. their is a connecti on betwean us in teh aiir. i luv me hairy.


6. 6


 Hay me nam si know arabelantonio styles hahAHAHAHah i jk jk jk ti's arabelantonio cowul!!! i mari salmon!!111!!1

 salmon say he luv my.

 i decid c wrote peom fr salmon, he opn ti & hi eyis glaz ovar wiv umm... umm... apreciaton & luv lol

 it sya

 "salmon i luv u

 liek milk

i liek milk

 bc it soft

 ?& creemy

 & i liek to drink it wen sad

 i no liek ot drink u wen i sad

 bt u nice wen im sad

 ur jus not milk.


i fink ssalmon lieks it


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