Harry is love, Harry is life.

he luk at me .i luk at him. their is a connecti on betwean us in teh aiir. i luv me hairy.


3. 3


afert hairy flie aywa i fwolled hmi to macke srue he wanst cheetring on my.

iff he wsa I wsa gona klil hte gurl. wen i wlakeded otu i sore him keesing tayler swoft. hat bloonde batch. 

hairy! y r u keesing taylet swoft?!" i skreeemed.

"cuz i luv tayler swoft moar ten i luv u". hairy skreemed bake at my.

i is gona klil tayler swoft. i skreemed pussinng tayler swoft otno teh road.

a lorie droove qiukle over taylor swoft & hse gotted sqassed. hairy cryed & whent to tayler swofts deed sqassed boodie. 

no batch well steel hairy fwfom my!!!1!1!


Author's Notes.

Hiya I'm Bad_Ass and this is my first chapter in this story. Hope you enjoy. Trust me, it was quite hard to write this story.

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