Harry is love, Harry is life.

he luk at me .i luk at him. their is a connecti on betwean us in teh aiir. i luv me hairy.


2. 2


 hi me name iS arabelantonio & i hav Didaskaleinophobia & Bibliophobia LOL!! so i hav  a boy cald hairy & i luv him lot.

 "hairy say u luv my" he luk at my befor smirk spreeds accros his fais.

 "i luv u but i luv tayler swoft moar. hshahhAHAhahah" i luk at him ,admiraton flasing across my fais.

 "u... u-u-u-u-u-u l-l-l-l-l-luv m-m-my?" hariry luk at my but ten he get phone flashy beeep beeeeeeep ting und he be liek

 "oh its salmon he need my rite nao" & he flie awahy jus liek tat.

 i luv me hairy.

 but i hav sekrit.

 i fink i luv salmon cowul 2.



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