Broken~harry styles fanfic

i waited 5 mintues and i walk back into the bath room i pick it up..Postive.I feel like my life just ended i dont Know where to go i only have a little bit of money.What am i going to do??


7. Get out of here know!!

Kim's POV.

I walk in the house and put the bags down and out of all the people in the world i least expected to see was right there.

what are you doing here?

Get out now Dylan.

No need babe im just here to see "MY"baby,and to pick you up your coming with me. He said with a small smile.

No i am not and she is not yours she is Harry's,and i rather have me and Harry's baby live on the street's thenwith you. I say tears starting to escape my eyes.He starts walking towards me sowly and i take a few steps back befor hitting the door,his hand collides with the side of my face i fall to the ground crying in pain as he starts kicking me everywhere really hard.

You stupid little bitch no one wants your baby your not worth anything thats why you mom gave you up.

Hey babe,i left my key's he-.

Harry's POV.

I left my keys at home for the studio and none of the other guy's are there yet so i am going to get mine.I tryed calling and tell Kimberly but,she wont pick up.

Hey babe i left my key's he-     

I see him there kicking my girlfriend my future wife and she is with our baby.I cant help my self but,run up to him and punch him really hard and knock him to the ground i jump on top of him and start hitting him in the face one after another.Dylan is half unconscious when i look at Kimberly she is past out.I jump off of Dylan and rush to Kim and call the cops.They are on there way.


Babe,wake up please your okay everything will be okay just hold in there the medics are on there way hold in there babe. 

Harry's POV.

We been at the hospital all night Kimberly is still not awake yet.The guys came and the girls to,the girl's been crying and the guys are trying to comfort me.

Harry. I here a soft voice.

Kimberly your awake!

I get up and give her a big soft and easy hug so i don't break her. All the guys got up and hugged her,the girl's started to cry and all hugged.The nurse walked i  the door  as we was talking.

Umm..excuse me?The old lady said behind us.

Yes,ma'am?Kim said softly.

Would you like to no how your baby is?By know everyone had tears in there eyes.

Yes,please.Kim said with a shaky scared voice.

You little angle is perfectly fine,i don't no how but,she made it she is very alive in there,she must

no she is going to have a great family if she held on threw the accident.

*3 days later*

Kim's POV.

we are on are way home now the girls stayed by me the whole time in the hospital.Harry grabbed my hand.

Babe,i need you to understand i wont let anyone hurt you ,do you understand.

Yes,i understand Harry.

I love you Kimberly.

I love you to Harry styles.








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