Broken~harry styles fanfic

i waited 5 mintues and i walk back into the bath room i pick it up..Postive.I feel like my life just ended i dont Know where to go i only have a little bit of money.What am i going to do??


5. 4 months..!

Kim's POV.

Im 4 months now,and I'm showing very much.The paps aka "paparazzi" got lots of pictures everyone knows the fans are happy some are sad they wanted Harry's baby.

Hey,babe me and the guys and to going to the studio for a couple hours don't cook nothing tonight ill pick something up.Harry said walking in from the kitchen.

Okay babe,see ya later.

Harry walks over to me and kisses me on the lips.

Love u.

Love u to babe.

I love you to Darcy.Harry yells from the kitchen i start laughing.

Arthur's POV.

Sorry for the short chapter but,i will update everyday at least twice.Also you can go follow my Broken~Harry styles fanfic on instagram @broken_harrystyles_fanfic and my kik is alexis_jeppe


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